What do chics take us for....??



hehehehe… @Mathice… this my motto…


Ata two dates unishinda. Imagine ile nyege inakuwanga after you wake up after a night of drinking, especially if you were missing the thing. Ni heri ata Chips funga wher you get drunk, horny, DF like a stallion, and then wake up the next day with your mind on something else.

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Aiiih…200bob. So what do you expect of your relationship kama 200bob ni issue? Ata wewe mbona ulirudisha? I cant understand your man…Ama unakazia DF hadi marriage? So you think your man wanted the 200bob back? He wanted DF and thats why he was acting gloomy. He wouldnt say it because if you turned him down he would feel very very bad. DF: Thats what makes a man smile at you and even feel like taking you to mauritius on holiday. A man will not cheat or be mean if he is getting DF and you are making an effort to look nice/beautiful. Otherwise, as you follow the threads on this platform you will relaize that there is one common characteristic of men: “They all love ass and not for its look but for whats in between”. Finally, men are rarely emotional and even if they are, it dissipates as soon as they find another woman.


spot on…

I am not saying that women don’t need motivation…but guys need it as well…probably even more than the lady. Anyway its not a one sided affair, its not all about women. I know of cases where the guy in the relationship is always nagged about a birthday coming up…but the lady never remembers the guys birthday. But since its not a big deal, the guy lets it go. How long can the man sustain that kind of a relationship?

We have ofcourse. I am not the valentine/birthday romance type though. I do things for a girl all time to the extent I am comfortable with. I also never ask to be paid back because I am usually financially better off.

Of course they have. Who said they dont have?

Both parties have different but equally important roles.

Men have a big role to play. Infact they have the lions share. But here is the thing, every once in a while if the lady is willing to put in just a little effort, just a little…you know like calling the guy in the middle of the day for no reason at all, goes a long way indeed

Everyone has a role in nurturing the relationship, but the nurturing should not be used as an excuse to exploit someone, I had a chic with whom we went out for the first six months but she never asked for a dime, she later on told me her female room mates used to ask her whether I had given her cab fair every time she left our date and she used to lie to them that I did, but I used to pay all the bills tukiwa on those dates and it never crossed my mind that I was supposed to pay for her fair back home since at the back of mind I knew mtu hawezi kuja town without having the means to go back, most of the female counterparts that were pressuring her to milk me extra cash went through several men who went MIA after several dates, even one of them started hitting on me. We dated for almost five years and went our separate ways cz I was unwilling to settle down and get married , but we still remain good friends and right now I can help her out with anything that she wants coz I know she is very genuine


You talking about me?


Its good to get confirmation that men know they have a major role to play. Problem is some either don’t want to or don’t know their role but demand respect and submission and worse wouldn’t want to be told as such. LIFE!

Whenever a chic (say a random chic) asks me for money, I ask her for the goodies first before I give her cash. Akikubali nararua raru raru na nampa pesa roho safi, akikataa basi namwambia pesa nazo simpi ng’o!

Following kwa corner na tiabe

Women say=No Money,No Honey

Men say=No Honey,No Money

Boss simple umezaa yesu be happy