This is what am currently reading, am almost through and I seek suggestions for good titles. It’s so refreshing to be away from the TV and social media.[ATTACH=full]11211[/ATTACH]

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And what do you think this forum is? Kiosk ya Mboga?


Kenyatalk hekaya

Ktalk reading

I know Brayoo, I should have said am refreshed to spend less time on social media. Now if you would suggest a book I will be very happy.

@Female Perspective & @Koolibah thanks for your suggestions, but no thanks.


Oops! Just read the title and replied… You wanted suggestions? Eeeh clearly not from me…

Oh I have one! What to expected when expecting…watched the movie ages ago so I don’t need to read the book. Get the drift?

re-re-rereading The Prince “There are two methods of fighting, one with laws the other with force”

Letters from the Battlefield compiled by Micheal Moore.

he continues…“the first one is proper to man, the second to beast; but because the first one does noy suffice, one has to have recourse to the second.”

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Kumbe ulikuwa unajifanya, he he he. Where can I get it?

Dont know if TBC have it. Bookpoint was the place, sad they closed shop

I tried watching the movie and got bored. Maybe its because i think stand-up comedians should stick to stand-up comedy. Take the example of K. Hart, the guy is good at stand-up but his movies suck, or should I say the parts he plays in movies suck.

Thats the beauty of being in the big city, there are variety of places to get good stuff. For was coast people hatuna bahati, we make do with Tuskys supermarket.

ukimaliza zile free ebook from waptrick.
kuja nikuonyeshe others

Currently am reading two books on socio-economics.
One on the recent civilization of China, Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China by Evan Osnos
And Capitalist Nigger: A Spider Web Doctrine by Chika Onyeani

or better eka email hapa nikutumie over a hundred ebooks.
they are more than the 9.8mb manki anapeana

have you tried Nakumatt? once in a while hao hua na books poa

i cant stare long at a screen.