Don’t you think this is a little too deep for a regular guy like me? I get lost in the plot of things by the third page if i try these kind of books. Whats the trick?

I will try Nakumatt Nyali



Alex Ferguson’s autobiography…on my kindle :smiley:

hahaha…those are regular books for me. In fact i just sink in by the second page, hua najipata pg 50 ama 70 in just some hours.

Watu wengine wanasoma Savita Bhabhi pekee yake.


Whre on earth do people get time to read any way.With projects left right and centre.Hii kazi imebaki kuniita bwanangu sasa.

currently reading Gerald’s Game by Stephen King when time allows

[ATTACH=full]11231[/ATTACH] I like high- fantasy.

This is one book I will definitely reccomend. The Emporer Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer will help you see the real truth about Cannabis and why it is illegal.

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Just before I sleep


A whole book on cannabis?

A whole book on cannabis?

yes ayah, know the truth and it shall set you free.

Shop online. Check out TBC website. So far, their delivery times have been nothing short of impressive for me, usually within 24-36hrs. My most recent purchase was last month.



I am not surprised

ala, Dr. i didn’t know this. Thanks alot!

I like fiction…not motivational or non-fiction shiet of people I don’t know nor share similar environment. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown…that guy knows how to catch the reader by his balls and squeeze them tightly.

You’re most welcome. I also stumbled upon it once as I was looking for a book for my cuzo in high school, about two years back.:slight_smile:

There’s one time I was so impressed. I’d paid on a Fri evening expecting to get the delivery on Mon. Shock on me, they delivered the next day, a sato, at 10a.m.