what are you listening to?

When am feeling down i tune to 105.5 xfm and just rock the feeling away. My phones playlist is filled with rock,alternative rock, pop and of course more rock.

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Mugithi …

This morning I tuned the radio and heard this song.

It took me back to my childhood when i couldn’t understand English and I was just singing “oooo thashi wani is another beiby they go tomorrow…”
I like rock but I listen to other genres sometimes.


greatest hymns of all times…joys of being a church usher…:slight_smile:

I thought mugithi is only reserved for those smoky joints with mutura and thupu where senior citizens( no offence intended) drink and cut business deals ! Correct me if am wrong

Hehe i listen to others too but 80% is rock i hate lingala( not rhumba)

90’s Music (most Genres) does it for me especially Kenny G, Tevin Campbell, Shaba Ranks, Whitney Houston, Maria carey, Luther Vadross, Snoop doggy dogg and several others.
I also Love Rhumba of the late 70-early 90s. (franco TPOK, taby ley, etc


Am into soft rock, coldplay,staind, lifehouse, na nickleback kind not those metal noisy ones


hujakosea…in fact nakula mutura


rumba gives me amazing relaxation…kwanza nikiwa na kinywaji…then rumba ya akina franco, mbilia bel, jamnazi, les wanyinka etc

Asubuhi classic mpaka 8am. Then KBC kiswahili service. I love their music. And am honest.Jioni sundowner. Usiku classic.

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SAA hii naskiza kaa MAJI inachemka kwa boiler. but I love country music

[ATTACH=full]3758[/ATTACH] Soulful


Zangu ni mugithi na old skool reggae, roots to be precise

Riddim ndio kila kitu kwanza saa hii yenye imenishika ni selfie riddim and some good old ‘hard times’ riddim.

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everything and anything old school.
old-school hip hop
old school rock
old school jazz
old-school classical (Mozart,Beethoven etc)
old school reggae

Old school reggae…Listening to Bob Marley right now…survivor playing…as I make rounds in town.