what are you listening to?

Kamasutra by Ferre Golla

Naza ya ko telema.
Nazo zela bolingo nayo lokola ba refugee
Ba zelaka sakombi ya loso
Nase ya motuka ya ONU.
Kovo Masola Le Kamasutra
Kamasutre bango.
(Jesus take the wheel)

Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Despite their wild sides, this duo had very introspective music.



What she wants by Ace of Base. They have nice music.
Am sure you also kept singing Am a big big girl in a big big world not a big big thing if you looove me…hehe.

Old school hiphop (Pac, Wu tang, Nas, Dre), Rock, Ol skool RnB, old Bongo rap, some ol skool reggae.

Pat metheny- the way up, minuano, song for bilbao, bright size life with Richard Bona and Antonio Sanchez, have you heard, here to stay, to the end of the world, antonia

Madanji Perimetre (Benga)


Wes Montgomery- (Nica’s dream, four on six)

John Coltrane- my favourite things, giant steps (slow it down and listen to the genius behind the notes of each artiste)

Guthrie Govan- erotic cakes (Rock genius crossing over to jazz)

Coldplay of course

Kanye west- Graduation and the other albums before it

And of course baba yao Juacali

Coming to think of it, if E-sir would have been alive today, would Juacali be king?

I bet none of you has a better rock albums compilation as i do. [ATTACH=full]3848[/ATTACH]

Gosh dude thats my poison

Hehehehe…I never could make head or tail of rock music. I gave up, despite my best attempts.

@Luther12 hata kwa hiphop i can give you a run for your money. Both new school n old school [ATTACH=full]3852[/ATTACH]

:D:D:D You probably could. I’m very selective about my music.:smiley:

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I need to copy your hard disk bro…if you dont mind


KBC english service’s Sundowner and they have it on Sunday at 5pm on tv. Today’s music is noise that hits for 5min, that is timeless music.

The Teacher…


I’ve listened to Yala by Sangare. Nice song.

Ludacris’ Ludaversal is a good album. How is Dark Sky Paradise by Big Sean? He sounds like Wayne. I prefer ‘realer’ hiphop-Pac, Nas, Kendrick, Immortal Technique, KRS, Prodigy, Joey Badass…

What about fela / femi kuti?

i do listen to all of them. my iTunes player stats can prove that