Weekend movies/documentaries/series

Leteni suggestions.

on orzark and cobra Kai downloading. could someone list best 2017-18 hit Netflix Shows?

I didn’t like ozark.

Cobra Kia ni ya watoto.
Chukua luck cage sn 2

will try the first episode. Luke Cage definitely Issa win.


niaje homojunkie

Reta download rink nita crik

filepursuit.com then search your series

If you like spy/comedy/Action/miami tafuta burn notice 2008.Hauwes regret.

cobra kai

tafuta Siren, Fauda, the 100 sn 5

“What happened to Monday” and “million dollar baby”

This is an old one, 2016 I think, but definitely worth a watch if you haven’t… Currently rewatching it actually…
“O.J Simpson - Made In America”.
5-part documentary… Really well done by ESPN.

Fauda is good, I second

“TAU.” Newly released. Uploaded two days ago.

Gary Oldman knows his craft.

Stream here - https://www6.fmovies.se/film/tau.0rwv3/25wlz5

@Buckets … don’t know if you’ll like this. Thoughts?

5.7 / 10 on iMDb… Really low ratings.
Worth the watch?
I normally avoid any movie/series/docu rated lower than 7.5 / 10

EVERYONE uses imdb to post their opinion. That provides quite a good possibility of having ardent viewers of The Kardashians trying to rate shit they couldn’t possibly comprehend!

This is Gary Oldman! If you don’t know who that is, my suggestion for your weekend lineup is Teletubbies, Teletubbies and more Teletubbies.

Saka 12 monkeys. Iko the fourth chapter but it is dope. Halafu Obviously Ozark is dope na my current obsession ni This UK series called Humans

Some huflop kwa ratings juu ya marketting pia. Ona vile a movie like Baywatch iliflop yet iko na A list cast