Weekend movies/documentaries/series

Case in point… Rated 5.6 on iMDb.
iMDb has never let me down.

Wow! You know who Gary Oldman is?
And the rest of humanity doesn’t?
Good for you!!!

Also, just checked… Your Kardashians thingy is rated 2.5 / 10.

Added to my evening playlist.

i bow to your infinite wisdom.

you sure told me!

DAmn TAU looks like ass especially that white lead why is she on every netflix show and is as expressive as plank
nope not gone waste my sunday on that and luckily rampage blu ray just dropped … june was action packed at the cinemas wont lie IW has me on that quick pace mind set so i guess this will do…i mean rampage not tau …saw the trailer and nope its not even trying the grabbing and dragging by the ankles …did i mention the lead bitch is boring

I like technology, I like thrillers and I like SciFi. But this…

I love the idea of being imprisoned by AI, but here, the ‘most advanced AI in the world’ turns out have the mannerism of a child. Even though we are told Tau is an early version of something much better… but still. I guess what they are selling is an AI that mimics a human; I just didn’t buy it.

The first ten minutes are fast paced: she gets kidnapped, has something implanted in her nape, we get a quick backstory though memory flashes, she blows up stuff. Then it gets much less interesting once we know why she was taken. Everything slows down and the better part of the movie is spent on Julia talking to AI Tau like it’s a ten year old nigger boy.

Later, Alex (the bad guy) goes ahead and reveals the only vulnerability that Tau has (given wrong info reacts erratically) to Julia. I screamed WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! We also get reminders of project deadline over and over but there is no sense of impending danger because we are not immediately told what that means for Julia – we don’t get to know ‘final extraction’ means death until later on.

But what really ruined the experience for me is the idea of torturing AI, I mean come on. And AI throwing a tantrum: “I am not a killing machine!” I like SciFi technology to blow my mind but also be realistic – if that makes sense.

As a movie I would give it a 5/10 but as a SciFi thriller I would give it a 3/10. I got the Ex Machina --which was absolutely great btw – vibe but minus the claustrophobic indoors – which really worked well for Ex Machina.

Don’t ask about the flashing lights and colours.

Shit. This got too long. One last thing: Rampage suuuuuuuuuucks!


Hahahaha watch the new escape plan sequel. Maybe it will brighten your day. However Schwarzenegger hayuko


In Darkness.

Streaming link - https://www6.fmovies.se/film/in-darkness.8nq9n/wpq07o

Try this one @Buckets … also 2018, also has Ed Skrein.

Its usually easy to keep up to date or find something to watch when you stream because you can just click on the actors’ names, or the genre in the details about a movie and that kind of narrows it down. For example, I found In Darkness because after I was done with TAU, I just remembered that after I’d watched Transporter: Refueled, I had completely forgotten to go back and watch movies that Ed Skrein did after he exited Game of Thrones (other than Deadpoool obvs). So I just clicked on his name in the description and voila! got a buttload of shit to keep me busy.

Pretty easy way of navigating. But, I hope you have adblock or uBlock or something … or everything.

Finally watched In Darkness. Not bad… The story is a bit all over the place but can’t say no to piano ballads.

Just watched 13 reasons why and i have to say it’s quite good. You can also try Family guy season 16



Man, niliishia ocha na nikaboeka sana. Scrappy internet, no.power. So nkaamua kupitia through lists of movies I’d earlier on downloaded but postponed watching. I saw TAU, watched it and immediately started looking for this thread.

The movie is out of reality as far as tech is concerned. From a programmer’s side of view, it just didnt make any sense. Why would you create something that will later on turn on you?? Am sorry but with this just etched on my mind, I couldnt enjoy the rest of the movie, I agree more with the ratings


Adding it to watch later

@MANKY unawatchia wapi na hunanga TV na stima banae