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Hi guys. I’m looking for jobs online and most firms that are hiring web developers require one to have experience using mvc frameworks - most prefer laravel ama codeigniter. Now I haven’t used frameworks much, but I’ve used symfony in the past and dint like it at all. Its like using a machine gun to kill a mosquito. Sure, they’ll say its about scalability and security, but as far as I know these functions can be decoupled. And instead of the whole framework just use raw php and the routing & security functions of the frameworks. Whats your take guys?

Frameworks are actually great…problem for me is with the PHP frameworks, they are too complicated IMO. try learning Python(Django framework) or even ASP.NET
Number tow you may not have liked he framework if you are not too proficient in the programming language you are interested in…so try and horn your skills first before thinking of picking up any framework

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Frameworks have many advantages but you must be proficient first in OOP Php, python fags hate it but it does the job. A good start would be zend. However depending on trends you should jump to the most popular today in the job market.

P.S favorite frameworks: Zend and codeigniter.

I have been using cakephp and codeignitor for sometime , but cakephp mostly. Once you get you head around the architecture and approach when it comes to frameworks you will not want to go back to misiri. I’m average with Django framework, it helps deploy cool stuff quickly without having to hack alot considering there are already existing packages you can build on.

Web dev I am proficient in OOP php. What I dont get - like @The.Black.Templar observed - is why use php frameworks that are too complicated and achieve more or less the same as you would have achieved using raw php classes. Maybe I’ll try the other frameworks suggested and see how they work

whatever suits you use that, however bringing home the bacon calls for you to be flexible. Some of the New frameworks on fire couldn’t be given a second look in the past, coding is fun and learning never stops.

@Hunter Xp I’ve checked out cakephp and I can tell I like it already. Especially this part “…No complicated XML or YAML files. Just setup your database and you’re ready to bake.”


Yeah, coding is fun. But what is more fun is keeping things simple.
Life is already complicated as it is, no need to overly complicate things than its absolutely necessary

Try SMARTY …used it a while ago…Was nice

http://www.kenyatalk.com/data/avatars/m/0/122.jpg?1421230360Tuko na huyu hapa lakini ni mlevi sana hawezi kukusaidia na amejaa na hekaya na bad englich.

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This is real men stuff, kama hutambui please stay the fuck out, we don’t want derailment.

Welcome kaka braza. Now start and see how interesting it is, i could give you a link to join me via browser i show you how it does the magic


great to help a brother out, I personally have never liked PHP, and especially hated codeigniter, but that’s just me

In this thread are there full time developers currently or in the past? Used to be but lately only my stuff which don’t require heavy lifting.

English priss .

Aspiring to be a developer full time. But I don’t intend to work for long. Just work for long enough to gain experience/contacts/network then venture out to do my own stuff.

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Hunter xp link tafazari. Though right now am browsing using phone I don’t know if/how it would work

Wont work with your phone, there is a website called join.me you use it to share screen over web.

Ok baadae then

hehehehe, na wasee wa programming nao wakiongea utataka waonge lugha gani.