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@Web Dev , @Hunter Xp , @agik can you assist with Jomla, i have a site that is duplicating item ID’s i have gone through the template but cant find the code that is making it to duplicate, is the template corrupt or the issue lies within the database.

can you give a link?

Are you using AJAX?

Paste raw code on pastebin.com we see

@The.Black.Templar , @Web Dev link ya site.


The images that are duplicating are the one below the slider.

Go to article ID 5 open it and delete the second image. This is not a template issue

article id 6

Nko tipsy sioni Poa

@Ibwit Hio kitu imework?


the issue is not on one page but on all the pages that have a second image after the slider, i have looked in the codes for all the articles that are duplicating the images but no code for the second image.

The duplicating image is a link to that article while the correct image is a not.

There is an extra table row on your content, the best thing you can do is to create a separate instance of your website, utupatie admin login tuchezee nayo,

If you a have a base in using raw PHP, you will be a wizard with the frameworks. Frameworks take time and effort to learn, but they do almost anything and prevent the application from becoming too big/complex to handle, maintain and expand. If you find Laravel too abstract, you can try Django for small applications or RoR, which is also abstract but good for large applications & also good for a lone developer.

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Nimekuwa recommended ror by a few guys. Its worth checking out. Naskia kuna a couple of gems to discover

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