VW Passat Diesel

Village Petroheads,
Am being offered this car for sale @650k. I had a chance to try it this weekend, and it is just amazing.
Its a 2005 Kby. 68k kms
2000cc turbo-diesel
manual 7-speed
ex-salvage. new engine fixed and all dents done. Everything looks excellent.
Excellent consumption. Spent 3k diesel to Nyahururu and back to nbi! My 1500cc uses 5k
Runs like a safari rally. Hadn’t noticed I was cruising at mph not kph, yet I could comfortably hit 100 without noticing.
Only drawbacks are speedometer is in MPH, and its a manual car.

Should i go for it? Looks too good for that amount. And what forseeable problems should i watch for?

Although I love the modern diesel cars and the excellent consumption of diesel engines, someone once whispered to me that the European diesel cars although wonderful, are often affected by our Kenyan diesel that is not as pure and of the same grade as that of the E.U, so you will expect a lot of engine trouble. Why did he fix a new engine? was it as a result of the accident?

EDIT:Were it not be for these fuel quality misgivings, I would get myself a BMW 525d (diesel) manual and die a happy man or even marry it


Following, was offered such a car early this year lakini nakaogopa ju ya “diesel engine”.

Original engine developed a crack from the accident.

However, according to this, some petrol stations started in 2010 to offer the E.U grade diesel, so maybe if you do your research and stick to only those petrol stations, the engine will serve you perfectly


Being manual is not a drawback…it’s a plus and diesel is double plus…but take care of where you fuel…and religiously service it at recommended intervals usipitishe hata kidogo…now that salvage thing is the drawback…make sure u have it computer diagnosed by an expert so that Hakuna reading suspicious coz they could be quite costly in the future…but price pia apunguze mpaka 550k…kupata buyer sio rahisi for a German manual diesel

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A diesel turbo charged engine ma dear go for it… Provided you fuel at exclusive shell petrol stations that offer European grade desiel you good and you will be one lucky woman… As @Female Perspective says never miss a service or post pone a mechanical issue and have the ECU checked at a dealer ship there I can tell you you will get to knw what’s been done to it and if it’s okay…

I cruze with a turbocharged pajero diesel engine and I can tell you for a fact if you treat it as a two year old you have a beast they even petrol vehicle can’t come close…

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Did you say 7speed?do you mind sharing some pictures of it

Further to what i said make sure your turbo is properly cooled as mine had that issue and i thought it was becoming junk

Get a proper fuel station. Like identify a couple across town. The Manual gearbox on that is a dream.

With Turbo diesel engines you have to keep the engine running for at least 5 minutes after doing long distances…even in the morning let it idle for at least a minute before uanze safari…this were the firm instructions i was given for my diesel…halafu with a manual there will be no people borrowing your car…

@Cypher254 usipeane credit kwa wengine na ni mimi hapa ndo petrol head

There is also a heightened risk of someone borrowing and fueling with petrol, Kenyans na mentality ya diesel ni ya gari Kubwa pekee

@zieglar, pole sina picha. its 6forward + reverse. Arrangement ni kama ya lorry.

I think you guys have approved it on condition i get the computer checked, fuel only from reputable shell stations and i adhere to service schedule religiously. Manual gears tutazoeana with time. And the price definately will be negotiated to around 600. Am going for it!

Next time you see a lady in a blue passat KBY, know it is aviator.

kuongezea tu vile umeambiwa hapo juu…make sure u take a long drive regularly diesel cars are meant for masafa marefu so u dont get issues with the dpf na kadhalika…pia usiichokeshe in changing gears(once in a while is ok) change gears at abt 2-2500rpm otherwise the dmf will go early my 2 cents


ebu please elaborate hapa. I always shift at the red line edge- 7k rpm…any harm done?

eiish, I bet your fuel bill is up the roof

so no other bad things happen to the engine?

not sure about that

Mbicha za Karen?