VW Passat Diesel

hiyo yako ni petrol…diesel engines for small cars usually redline at around 5500-6000rpm…but 7000 is still too high even for petro labda iwe ya racing

apart from fuel bill no harm done. infact it might not be all that fuel consuming. picture this, on the highway if you shift at the higher rpms, the lower gears which are more powerful will do the hard work of starting from stop. by the time you are hitting 100kph for example, you are in fourth gear. this way you also hit 100 kph faster. remember 80- 120 kph is most fuel efficient speed range.
on the other hand shifting at lower rpms will mean you take longer to hit cruising speed eg 100 kph. it will also mean the weaker gears will do the hard work of moving to cruising speed. because if you shift at lower rpms, you may hit 40 kph in 3rd, 60kph in 4th etc. being at 60 kph in 4th gear is hard on the engine and you will notice rpms will be higher than when you are at 100kph in 4th.
however in traffic shift at lower rpms or keep it in 2nd at most.
my 2 polish whatevers…


yep petrol. thanks anyway

makes sense. asante san

exactly what Iwanted to say. european diesel engines are great but very very sensitive. otherwise that’s a great car. ati manual is a drawback? wacha kuchoma picha that’s a driver’s car

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Grace for such a beauty at that price I wouldn’t bother with resale. if I can enjoy it for 3-5 years and not get a buyer after that I will have an elaborate funeral for it with dirges and wailing and live thereafter contented that I was in a happy and satisfying relationship


Demands princely treatment, like a man. Otherwise mtakosania vitu kidogo kidogo.Another thing to note, salvages will sometimes have hidden issues with the body structure. Such problems never manifest explicitly, but will give you a heartache for as long as you own the car.So factor that risk in the price.

The last thing identify reputable garage who will be doing the servicing and also any issue that might arise…NEVER and i repeat NEVER go to the famed jua kali garages…European Cars are generally very sensitive…work arounds and shortcuts will be the end of you…doesnt mean that upeleke kwa dealers ie DT Dobie but shop around for a reputable garage with experienced staff and proper eqipment

Asandeni. Nitaichukua wednesday. Na nitaweka mbisha.

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A manual gear is a plus…not a drawback!

wewe nawe i have given credit where due but this is for diesel headso_Oo_O:p:p:cool::cool:

@aviator one thing you should knw bout European especially German cars, make a point of getting original parts even if it means importing them. For anything that remotely means that the ECU or wiring has an issue go to the dealership as i learnt the hard way with the Paj. I visit Simba Colt if i have wiring issues.

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What year is your Paj bro? And what did is cost you and when?

year 2005 2500cc it is 2yrs old bought it from an Indian who was going to UK as a dispose, 600k it had some minor issues.

huyo umempea credit hajachangia lolote hapa

That was a steal at that price man!

woiiiii i thought it was the shemale!!! ma bad… pole @msalame grace

thats y i didnt think twice bout the car… some of ma neighbors think am a jaruo with a pajero and in a flat:D:D:D:D:D

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I would borrow like yesterday in my case.