Very Outdated Building Design: Machakos "White House"

Why do Kenyans like to copy-paste outdated building designs especially from abroad?

This Machakos “white house” is very dull and boring. No originality whatsoever.

Think it should look like a true white house.thats why.:oops:

The man named his hotel Alfred & Lilian, he does not buy into the Wakandan narrative.

The whiter, the better

Shukuru ni ya mawe. Its 2020 and we still clinging onto these…

There’s nothing new under the sun… On some level we’re all copying what has been done by others.
Besides that, the fact that the design is still being copied centuries after it was built is a testament to its aesthetic and functional appeal

Why do we still use those zebra lines on the sidewalks. I see them with people with big homes. Yellow in color. Outdated ugly crap.

Africans are jungle creatures. Most stupid race

Kenya is KNOWN for ugly uninspired architecture.
These are the dark, dank tombs your rich build.
Machakos White House is not a bad proposition considering the prevailing climate. [ATTACH=full]341742[/ATTACH]

These are standards which have been adopted the world over and the black and white or yellow are very reflective especially at night.
they might be their centuries from now.

it’s like wanting the zebra crossings or traffic lights or signals changed.

most fancy designs might require technology that our contractors might not have. (and will be expensive acquiring them for one project)
so achieving the exact design during construction will be hard.

some people don’t want to stand out, so using the same design helps blend in with the surrounding.

most of the major works will be given to the veterans in the industry who are old and not open to new designs.
the fancy designs are also expensive to build especially when it comes to concrete and reinforcement. (which are the major construction materials we use here)
but we are slowly adopting flexible construction materials like the EPS, containers, prefabs… so slowly we might have new modern and fancy designs.

You know a standard is always documented.These things kill the curb appeal. They were made for days when electricity was limited.

We have LED lights nowadays.

one day at a time.
we will also get there.

Get where. People have these in their homes in Kiambu. A little cement and kokoto can do wonders. That kikuyu grass is native to Kiambu. It does really well. Very lush.

to accepting new modern technology.
you might give better alternatives, but the owner will still demand the old tried and tested way

Hebu waimbie sio kutaka ni bei.

Do you know how much that type of landscaping costs???

Ujue huyo ni landscape architect amedesign. Those trees were moved to that location and replanted.

Do you see that unique stone wall? Unadhani hio fence ni pesa ngapi?

most ata Architect hukataa. inabidi utafute Landscape designer, interior designer, na hao wote ni cost tofauti

The trees you cannot do much about. But that landscaping is not that hard. All you need is to level the ground. Then add cement blocks. And fill in the spaces with kokoto. That sod is readily available. I agree a little vision is required if you don’t know how to use the internet. There are so many great sites on landscaping.

:D:D:D nimewachia hapo.

Hebu jenga kwanza halafu ukuje utuambie.

Wewe umejenga wapi mbwa hii?