Has anyone ever outsourced a job to the freelancers at Upworks? How was your experience?

@saint chari njoo kiasi

Thank you for posting non-political nonsense.

To answer your query; I tried but they thought I was a troll so they rejected my requests.

Upwork= pure chieth.
Walikataa application yangu eti there’s too many people with my skills.
Took a friend’s acc, wajinga walidai lazima nifikishe 100USD ndio niwithdraw, na dvo nlikuwa nmekaukiwa. Ferken siet, they still.have my cash.

Hiyo ni biashara ya mtu unatusi bana. Every business has rules whether they favor you or not. Ukikosa kitu Tuskys do you strip and throw tantrums on Tom Mboya St.? Walikukataa, man up and look for alternatives!

A friend told me another friend resigned from a big corporate and started earning big, per hour…
Am in the process of opening an account.
Would like to know the experience too from those who have tried

And for the jobs quoted per hour, how long does it typically take to complete project, so that it doesn’t drag on forever while profiteering?

It works and you get paid.

Send the application again and include more skills from the options they give even if it is just slightly related to what you do.
As for cash, go to setting - payment option and make changes. You can also choose to get “paid now”. However the exchange rate for the dollar is always lower than the current rate. There is also an option to get paid by Mpesa.


Please if you are working, don’t leave your job before you log work in hours - yaani become marketable. In my view unless you run an agency of freelancers, online work should supplement what you earn.

Its awesome. Persistency is key. You can make 2000 USD or more a month. Get a few great clients, register biashara yako, andika villagers.
And while you are at it, jaribu pia guru na freelancer.

Your employer gives you time limits or you approximate how long it will take you to finish that said task.

leta hio account niko pabaya saidi


am planning to do weekends only …

What of getting a freelancer to do a job for you, who has had experience in that?

Pole man, kuna venye ni ka waliiondoa ama kuifanya isionekane. Ata kuwacontact ni chida tupu. Will see how I can help though.

Its great as well because as a contractor, you can view the ratings given by other clients. Moreover, upwork reduced fake profiles by verifying the ID of freelancers.

Freelancers ni wezi sana. Walikuwa wanakata vibaya sana.
Upwork is great if your profile has a good history.