Try then come give us feed back.

nunueni accounts, 30-50k…muache kupigia mbuzi gitaa. look for guys selling accounts

for what kind of work?

Design and build some circuits

Nimefungua nikifikiri chef bonoko ametuekea upskirts kumbe ni ufala zingine.

seriously?! :eek:
And the one you buy from will be doing the work for you, ama …
Siwes toa hata 5bob

gave work there to some indian coders, they did a good job and it took 2 months as stipulated.

@Gio you can check it out and whoever you interview let them show you their portfolio.

or better yet give it to a local guy, go to kuhustle.com, lets build kenya:D:D

Kuhustle sidhani kuna watu Wa electronics.

Kuhustle are mostly devs but they are now venturing into other fields as well apart from freelance software developers.

true i agree

Have received several interests, going through them.