Upside down bonobo priorities.

Newly built Turkana county headquarters building:

Meanwhile, the situation of most occupants of the county facing perennial drought, lack of water etc:


But BBI will solve all these problems. Msijali

I still maintain that a constitution written by Jesus Christ, Confucius, Socrates, Plato and buddha would still not work in Kenya. Wachange the system venye wantaka BBI, super BBI etc. hakuna kitu itachange, juu the problem is so bare but tunaiignore tu.

Sad state of affairs. The political class is busy thinking of how to line up their pockets with these useless changes. This world is not our home.

Munataka Uhuru afanye nini? Turkana has received the highest amount of devolved funds >70B. How have they addressed the needs of local mwananchi? Where are the boreholes, roads, hospitals etc?

These waters should be utilized for irrigation. If egyptians in the desert can do it, turkanas with much better land can also do it.

Bonobo ni bonobo tu. That building just like bbi are totally useless money eating projects. They could have worked from wooden offices but made much bigger impact to their people. But viongozi wa Kenya nu kina nani starting with raila na nusu mkeka

Ilisemekana hilo swali la how funds were used should never be raised because even the developed counties are also misusing theirs

Turkana people need to start farming. They have some water like the rest of Kenyans wachimbe ponds to trap rain water. Watu wamezoeshwa relief food sana.

Utasikia the building cost billions… Vile @johnpombe amesema…give that land and water to say the Israelis and Turkana will be the breadbasket of Kenya.

fake arsehole…
how can turkana engage 300 offices:D

hapo mpaka umbwa ya governor iko na ofiso

River turkwel, kawelase, kerio passes through the county and drains into lake turkana. They should use it for irrigation. Lake turkana water is also fresh and could be used as they do in naivasha.

fake arsehole…
how can turkana engage 300 offices:D

hapo mpaka umbwa ya governor iko na ofiso

But that land is too harsh unless they tap into irrigation

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big disaster

BBI max pro ultra


Not that i support bonoboism but sioni shida iko wapi hapa.
I believe there are budget lines that hopefully capture the immediate needs for Turkana county.

One of the budget lines is construction of a county HQ. Now that that’s been done then thats it…turkana will now move to other things.

We cant all stop driving cars, wearing nice clothes, eating in good restaurants, etc all because a certain part of the population has no shoes. That once we buy shoes for all Kenyans only then we can upgrade our cars next. Haiwesmake.

This reminds me when i was a younger man there were those girls who used to say that instead of spending 5K on a night out with them you would rather send her 3K for some ‘urgent and pressing’ needs she has. Then she comes over to do the actual business at your place. It sounded like a good commercial decision then but a young man must go to the club and enjoy the moments there with his girls.

You are totally missing the point. We all know of the myriad problems facing a county like Turkana. Those common folks have neither food nor water. Even medical facilities are few and far between. Why can’t the county government think of how to first allocate more money to cater for these basic needs as they work from some simple structure? Does a governor and his team require this skyscraper to execute his duties as he provides services to his people? While obviously his own people are dying of poverty, famine, treatable diseases etc?

The question is, is it a priority for the county? Why should their poverty stricken county compete with relatively well off Kirinyaga county in building some big offices instead of ensuring that atleast their people first reach the quality of life that Kirinyagans enjoy before anything else. Ama kukanyanga ofisi kubwa kubwa is also a measure of quality of life