Uncle Sam's Spy satellites

I am pretty sure this thing is already spying on us from above, with the ability to detect even nuclear activity damn ( i hear it can even see the pimples on your face). Got to say the Americans do take security to another level.
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I love their enthusiasm

kwani hizo camera sio digital, nani basi huload film ikiisha au nani huendea negatives


US is overated on their gadgets, but they got their ass kicked by somalis in the early 90’s

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And thats the myth that we have always believed. I highly doubt they were kicked by the somali, for a country that has gone to vietnam, iraq and kuwait (Its is all about the black gold)

ati kicked by the khat chewing skinnies? budah dont underestimate uncle sam.

So what was the motivation for them to go into Somali?

battle for Mogadishu budah, thats when


Hizi vitu ni za movie tu…Am pretty sure they hype their security details to show how powerful they are…aint disputing that…trully they are but please, how many crimes go undetected in their own country…??? Plus when they shoot a movie, we kinda relate that and what they could really be having…and ofcourse that would remain that their real gadgets are powerful than there movie shoot…

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Like @dabu said, Americans were whipped out of Somalia. They have always had impressive hardware but hardware does not win War. First you’ve got to pick the right wars to engage in, then good strategy.
I can confidently say Americans have very poor judgment, they bite more than they can swallow. Examples, Vietnam, Iraq

read the whole story bro, mgalla muue lakini haki mpe.
They were not there for war. they initially went there to provide protection for U.N food delivery convoys as Aideed and his fellow warlords were stealing that food and selling it, getting rich and being able to support their wars with relief food.
Problem is there was mission creep, and one day they decide to go arrest Aideed which they failed and several soldiers lost their lives and Clinton decided not to support the U.N with his own troops. Thats the truth but if you feel better by insisting they were kicked out, go ahead.


True, they just left because somalia lacked the basic requirements for “democracy”…ie oil




Into Somali? SOMALIA is the Country, the SOMALI are people, or so they like us to think they are. Do you mean the yankees inserted things into… those…people?

Bring picha, link ama hata findio to demonstrate that the yankee arse-kicking by phlegm-spitting… people… was a myth ama your contention that it is a myth will instantly be relegated to hekaya.

Time-limit for submission of evidence; 6 hours after this post is… well… posted.

He needs to read more on it and factor in that Clinton was prezzy and his policy was to withold the military arm so much that he sent rangers to Somalia not the full might of the military. After the blackhawk down fiasco Clinton decided not to avenge but pull out. But lessons from Somalia changed the military curriculum to include urban jungle warfare that succeeded in Iraq


…28000 american ‘rangers’ were ‘thwacked’ ile mbaya by them khat chewing skinnies is a fact buda.

So Apple and Microsoft are overrated according to you? Give credit where it’s due.

28000?? Really??

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