Uncle Sam's Spy satellites

…pia wewe huja “read more”?:smiley:

My bad, Americans were there as part of a UN intervention but they did commit themselves to capturing Aideed which they failed to do after the Battle of Mogadishu killed their “superiority hype”.

Their poor judgment stems from this belief that they are superior, which may be true in terms of hardware but not so in terms of strategy.

With that said, I hold Americans in high esteem, I think they are probably the best militarily thanks to how fast they innovate.

then you haven’t met Israelis they have hardware, strategy(software) and the willpower to fight add to that experience

Apple is overrated. Ms is underrated.
All this is because apple sells its things for exorbitant prices creating the hype that comes with scarcity while MS give windows and Ms Enterprise for free. They could make it difficult crack or to operate cracked versions if they wanted. MS allowed people to use cracks an all its software and brought us something we find hard replacing even today. Were it not for free MS stuff, most of us would not own a comp. The digital revolution belongs to the likes of MS.