Uhuru will be remembered for building good infrastructure


Uhuru will be forgotten.

Anyone mesmerized by his infrastructure narrative is a baby born yesterday,can’t understand the genesis and how messy he turned everything.

The electorate in our part of the world is very ignorant, so they will remember Uhuru for ‘greeeeat’ infrastructure, which indeed is good, had it not been built at 10 times its actual cost.

Mwai Kibaki drove this country to near anarchy, underscored the tribalism we experience today, yet he is so praised. He should be the worst president we had, but see how we idolise him.

Kibaki revived the mess of kanu ,we idolise him because of the good business environment he created

Kibaki underperformed big time. Unlike Moi and Uhuru, he had the intellectual capacity to be everything a great African president could be. He was the only president after kenyatta with a clear mandate to rule.

The first 5 years were a disgrace, Anglo leasing, de la rue, Goldenberg inquiry circus etc. He proved he was pro Corruption.

Kibaki is idolised mostly by middle and upper class probably some lower classes. And for getting the ball rolling economic wise. Most who had a businesses during that era made profits and expanded. Ask around they’ll tell you. As for tribalism, it has always existed. 2007/2008 was the culmination of it and the worst but it has always been there. The issue with PEV is that he was not the only facilitator there were other players that’s why people don’t go as hard on him.

That is kibakis legacy…uhuru ni ushuru tu anapandiza

A lot of people agree with this. He underperformed considering his intelligence. As an economist he should have known good governance is more important than economic growth.

I don’t know why Uhuru gets a pass. He also studied economics. His is intentional especially since he knows better.

Uhuru’s expensive infrastructure will probably be forgotten due to people’s suffering. And I don’t know why we are praising infrastructure so much as if they don’t deteriorate. We may not even have money to repair & maintain them given the current situation.

roads but we can’t afford roadtrip fuel.

Roads? At what cost? At the cost of excessive borrowing and gross misappropriation of puplic funds? Kindly be serious with life bana

Wacha kusemea watu. Sema that you cant afford roadtrip fuel. Wengine tuna afford otherwise if you are right hakungekuwa na jam kwa barabara

You are speaking as if he wasnot a prominent member of Kanu

You the rich are a minority in this country

Besides why are we celebrating someone for doing a job he applied for, got and has done the bare minimum? why? he will always go down for aiding corruption, protecting the Kenyatta stolen loot and lying to us and mostly being treacherous. Muffling the opposition and playing dirty on his running mate. Ashindwe kwa Jina la Yesu. Do we get praises everyday for doing our daily jobs? I gat no praise for Uhuru.
Mimi nimeamka sasa and I see them for what they all are.

@Mwanakijiji let me give you some advise that someone once gave me.

“Whatever the circumstances you are facing always take charge of your own life.”
What we Kenyans do is that we always look for someone to blame for all our problems. People blame the education system, parents (especially fathers), politicians, the police, KRA, NEMA, roads, rich uncles, bad neighbours, slow internet, alcohol, weather, teachers, slay queens, etc.
What you find yourself doing is that you want to be part of a group that blames someone/something for a “collective failure”.

Stop being part of the large group that blames the monster called govt but instead take charge of your life.
I am 99% sure that increase in fuel price has not had any quantifiable effect on your life unless you own a business that deals with high daily consumption of fuel e.g. a fleet of Matatus or tracks or planes or trains.

Refer to the comment above you

How will I avoid the government?

You are retarded. Govt policy is everyone’s interest. If the Govt forgoes hospitals for roads it affects each of us.

Amherst college where he supposedly studied refused to comment on Uhuru’s attendance at their college to this day. and there are a lot of things that Kibaki did;
1.During his term his minister negotiated and brought the fiber optics cable to Kenya, we had one of the fastest and cheapest internet in the world at that time. I have Canadian friends who were shocked at how fast and cheap mobile internet was in Kenya compared to their country.
2. Free primary education raised literacy levels in Kenya. Remember Mzee Maruge, an old man who went back to study and even Brits made a movie about him. Tony Blair was so impressed by the program that the UK offered to fund the program. South Korea’s path to growth relied on educating the masses.
3.Some parastatals were privatized and merged and that is how we got our first mobile service providers e.g. Kencell etc
4. The Banking industry started being properly regulated and encouraged to open up, thanks to this an ordinary person could open a bank account, also M-Pesa disrupted banking. the access to credit opened up the service industry/real estate etc and led to the growth of the economy.
5.Infrastructure plans and numerous projects that even Uhuru Kenyatta is using e.g. the highway to JKIA/expressway to Mombasa were planned and budget figures given during this period.
6.COK 2010 was passed and was hailed as one of the most progressive constitutions in the world
7.Under Gakuo the Nairobi CBD saw transformation and organization

I can tell that people like @careerchoice and @Africanus negrotoidus were small kids during that time and did not recognize what was going on

That is very little compared to the billions the stole and the damage they caused because of the tribal greed