Uhuru will be remembered for building good infrastructure

You think we criticize government seated at uhuru park waiting for handouts? We do it because its our duty and for the greater good of all. We do it because at whatever level you are, bad govt policy will drag you down and slow your progress significantly. If you have a car or a house, you could be having two. If you have a business, your turnover could be higher or your costs lower.

When Kibaki took over and rightfully so made some good changes to policy, Kenyans were able to drive. You think during moi’s time Kenyans did not know cars existed or did not know their way to car yards? Criticism is what lead to a change in the constitution which lead to devolution. Corruption aside, you have seen how devolution has opened up what were earlier known as rural towns and areas. Thats what good govt policy does.

They refused to comment after his election, but recently have adopted him as one of their alumni. You cant know what happened between election and recently.