Uhuru Kenyatta

Can this guy stand the current heat.People who voted for him are being maimed case in point Kawangware.Seen a statement from Nairobi leaders and they dont seem to offer any help.
Muini ni ainire akiuga muthenya umwe duriri nikahurwo na ruthaju ni kahii iroretio ya chania.I bet it is happening now

Dude…ni nini uko na uoga mingi hivi, wasiwasi ni wa nini? You are the kind of people who fuel these nasa thugs and empower them, kila wakikohoa watu kama nyinyi mnatetemeka!!! Grow a back bone and stand firm…unaogopa nini na makosa sio ya jubilee! We are on the right side of the law! Have faith in your president

The guy is a coward period.His foot soldiers arent any better.I can’t stand firm when a colleague has lost all his earthly stuff to fire under a govt he voted for.

What if the president is a not-so-competent drunkard?

your name betrays you @Kimakia

Dereva ni mlevi makanga ni mwizi

Kawangware ni incitement so that jubille can respond luckily that was thwarted jana, being silent isn’t weakness. Time kama hii ni poa to stand back, assess the situation and reason before reacting

Do you remember a time when RAT wanted to go to war with uganda over migingo island! Imagine how that would have turned out if kibaki lost his cool while everybody else was gunning for a war with the country…who turned out smarter!?

what would you want him to do? Arm you guys and allow you to slaughter them in retaliation, with no police interference? Will that make him a brave president?

Be calm, uhuru is the president and has the votes. It takes time for a loser to accept defeat and come back to his senses. But eventually they will, taking a drastic action will only lead to unnecessary deaths. And that what nasa wants…chaos and deaths

Better the drunkard we know than the one who thinks he is a god and above the law

Kikuyus are pussies, try that shit anywhere else in Kenya and the repercussions would be heavy, I heard a man asking sirikali iingilie Kati. Kumanina zake. And a dim eyed guy claiming they were responding to attacks. When you guys grow a pair of balls, you will be respected as of now continue being doormats.

To stop using his very police in supporting burning of Kawangware’s people property.

Hii kelele yote inaisha in the next two weeks. Then you are left with your own lives and the very things your gods won’t do for you. Ata hawajui kama mna-exist. To them you are numbers/census/the dumb followers. Jubilee or Nasa my point applies without prejudice.

So the current deaths and loss of property from his supporters should just be ignored because PR has to be maintained

I somehwhat agree with you here! Kikuyus are becoming doormats for these opportunistic politicians…especially on social media…they cannot hold their own! Wanajifanya vile wako neutral its likke they never voted!

what wrong with us…?? All this years fighting each other but there is no solution

They are currently rebuking me for stating that as a fact.

It has long been known not to deal with RAT head on…give him enough rope and he will hang himself eventually!

No it is noted and i am sure Uhuru is hurting knowing what happened. If the aggrieved respond it will initiate a series of events that ends up in ashes. who wins?