Uhuru Kenyatta

Imagining that most claim to be children of Maumau. ‘tunaoba wakubwa wasikirizane iri wanaishi tukae Na Amani Kwa biasara setu’ I nearly pucked in disgust. Heshima hutafutwa, haipeanwi bure.

You can’t really expect the police to protect you forever when it’s your neighbours who are stealing your stuff and burning your businesses. In 2007, dim eyed orangutans burnt some kiosks in babadogo just near the main stage. Kikuyus living in the area regrouped and asked for re-enforcements from neighbouring areas. Ile kitu hao mabani walionyeshwa hio siku, hawakuwahi jaribu hio ujinga tena. It’s up to you Kamakia (or your colleague) to protect your property and life. Acha umama blad faking!

Being quite is not a sign of weakness…all that will be revisited at the proper time! You never react to anything in the moment! Patience is a virtue

At whose expense.Can’t they grow balls like he has.Look at Alice Wahome now.She is fighting her own battles yet she was protecting Uthamaki.I have never heard DPP swiftly call for prosecution of someone from the other faction as he did in this case.DPP is fully aware Simba Arati is behind the current Kawangware woes but wont say a word about it.

Because they are first class pussies and they are ashamed that you are pointing it out. A man doesn’t run to the police for the protection of his family and lively hood. He is the first line of defence.
Or is it the fact that most of the current Kikuyu men are products of single mothers. Bunch of pussies.

That is what we are being cautioned against.Retaliating yet the goons keep.coming back.Am not from the place but that is what am gathering from close.sources

What i am saying is that you cannot wait for the govt to fight for you everytime! Tujisimamie as a community…if they come at you wacha warudi kama wamekunja mkia katikati! The same also applies for social media stand up for what you believe in like they are doing!

Calling the very person you voted for weak is only enpowering the NASA goons to attack you even more

Not pussies… just businessmen and long term strategists, you don’t kill your future customers:D:D instead you curve out spheres of influence where you dominate … think for a minute in all these skirmishes who has been the eventual beneficiary?:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Yours is a recipe for a blood bath if kiuks retaliate in nairobi all those guys would be slaughtered as they are right in the middle of kiuk land even the road west passes through Limuru then RAT would call for foreign intervention that’s what he wants and we won’t play his game

I agree with @Tarantinoh more than I can agree with @The.Black.Templar a.k.a king of matusi. Kikuyus have become well versed in using the worst of language and least of actions.
But in their defense they used votes, together with fellow jubilee supporters. What remains is the government’s duty. After all we aren’t an everybody for themselves nation.

and also it is better hata kikuyus wakue waoga because wakiamka then ile maafa yenye itakua si mchezo

So what would you suggest??:rolleyes::rolleyes:

if they were to reapond like our brothers from lake side then hii kenya haingekalika…Kales too

Hehe nimetusi nani mimi

Mzito hapo nimekataa. Only a few days mtu ajinyonge. Sahii bado anaadjust kamba. A little bit more time please my okuyo brothers. Muvumilie kidoooooogo tu

I think you have put it all in the right perspective.Great.Some people are going to wait for RAT to cool.down so that they can be protected

Right now, any other tribe can retaliate, just not Kikuyus. Baba will spin this till the country burns. If Kikuyus retaliate it fits well into Baba’s agenda. Remember babuon is basically fanning the fire that will consume the country, himself included. These acts of violence being meted against Kikuyus are meant to ignite a spark that Baba will use as reason for asking his supporters to ‘protect’ themselves against Mungiki. These kind of situations require finesse as opposed to brute force. Prepare for a few guys to die mysteriously. Sometimes, the loudest way of saying something is to do it quietly.

I am not advocating for any attacks to happen i am just saying that we need to stop being cowards and stand up for what we believe in and voted for…sasa ata sisi tukianza kusema our president is weak si we are just weakening this govt ourselves??

Try that in Kisumu, Kisii’s town, Eldoret, Bungoma, garissa or elsewhere, .
I know of guys who became poor due to 2007, they lost all they had and their families disintegrated. I see you justifying the cowardice.

Am not asking for much but protection of peoples properties.

So you are comfortable being a punching bag so that the country doesn’t burn? How noble of you.