Ni ku moto, ngojeni Kesho. @spear mta ambia nini watu aki

Assiii but ata wale wako hapa wakiona hii watasema ni hustler anaharibiwa jina

I Is this authentic?
If it is, then @Big fire tupatane nyuma ya tent.

majoriti anafanya gazi bora asianze kudimand favas mingi

hakuna text hata moja in kikale.

Last week engaged Mr spear and informed him that if guys from central notice any way some form of disrespect from DP supporters, they will shift enmasse overnight.
If indeed the screenshots are authentic, ( probably we will never know) this is a huge dent to DPs team.

As fake as it comes and anyone can see that but the quickness to think otherwise points where the real problem is. Yourselves.

Cucu wa Murang’a ni nani?

Is it Alice Wahome?

You know it is not fake but lazima ulainishe mifuko vilivyo…

The only people singing tribal undertones are kitoeleweka and handcheque team. This is because wameshindwa kuuza their breastfeed baba initiative and handcheque.

I told you this the last time and I repeat again. In Rift Valley who is fighting who? Kalenjins-Kikuyu etc support DP Uncle Ruto and in the same political side. So why will they fight? This fake things are made hapa Nairobi at Dennis Prit road by hinga, Pauline and that lady MP of Nyeri Town. Only gullible minds should fall for this.

Ati UDA Kalenjin Rubbish. UDA is crowded by people from all communities that hakuna mother tongue huko.

This is not how President Uhuru will regain favour in central or Mt. Kenya.

Hehehe. @sani

Fake chieth

Looks fake. But I may be wrong…

nashindwa pia. an exclussively Kalenjin group and no single message in kikale ? suspect sana

Upuuuuusi. Eliciting emotions

Cha muhimu ni kwamba hata na dawa ama nini most Kyuks will not vote for Jakuon. They will vote anyone else or do what they are threatening to do. Stay in bed aka voter apathy which is v dangerous too.
That is, should WSR not be on the ballot box for whatever reason. Kyuks vote as a bloc which is why their vote is highly sought after.
WSR and his team need to up their tempo. Game is becoming hotter everyday. Na war imeletwa at his doorstep and this cannot be ignored since not everyone is on wifi.

@administrator hata wewe mea cajones and start censoring fake news like other responsible social media sites. You should not be found culpable in the event kiumane. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

I keep wondering what could be the IQ level of some of the talkers here.

Yaani there is someone somewhere who honestly thinks the above screenshots are real. Wow!

Liwe liwalo,no retreat,no surrender

Ati Murkomen replying “yes sir”:D:D. Wakanda bullshit is this. What is Ruto doing in some WhatsApp group??

Yeah, Baba Boyii atajipanga.