very unfortunate

Lakini huyu mama wa sharon ni kama she was encouraging her lifestyle and the blackmailing of the governor but still ni uchungu kupoteza mwana

@pamba ,hawa wasicha wetu, tutawalelea wapi na hizi ndume hazina utu ??

There was a tenderpreneur gunned down just this week and there’s no news about him. Gazeti only want to stick to sensational stuff.

He chose the wrong time to be gunned down


Soo sad. The govt should not rest until the murderers are prosecuted and jailed. Also we remember Magistrate Kapolon’s daughter (RIP).

Probaly because he survived. Gaddamn its such a tragedy to make the 7 O’clock news.


With the recent spate of murders, one wishes the death penalty could be enforced.

Conservative GOP candidate…hii maneno ya death penalty haiwezi saidia. If the cases pending are investigated and taken to court and Kenyans see someone like Obado behind bars, it will send a resounding message.


Rest In Peace, angel. Poor dad! :frowning:


Sis I like the noise being made these days by Kenyans when high profile murders occur. Impossible to catch up with the full story here tho as everyone opens a new post.

Sis, I thought these grisly murders were the purview of twisted Caucasian sickos, but lately I’ve been proven wrong. So much hate sis, in our homeland too. Obado was found guilty, now it’s maribe’s fiancé and her too. Where we’re headed, Kenya needs high tech detective work, criminals must be held liable for their crime.

tofauti ya malaya na mwizi sioni Monica alikuwa mwizi , sharon alikuwa Malaya extortionist , feminazi sympathizers will start spinning stories za upuss fact ni kwamba in my heydays walinichapa mchele saidi wakwende wakiendaga .

Trust me Sis I am shocked na nimechoka reading the armchair Ktalk psychologists, pathologists, detectives and whatinot. Mmmmmh Mercy Keino died just like that. Her parents are re-living all that now but ‘we shall be voting in Kafogo’. I believe we have high tech detectives. What gets in the way ni pesa. Tutashinda hapa tukiimba baba black sheep. What about that girl who died with the IEBC? dude?

I am curious to know why anyone wanted Monica dead.

Yes kuna malaya wengi sana Kenya and the slayqueens don’t seem to learn dot…they just carry on regardless…

@Phylgee na jeshi yako ya SJ munaitwa hapa