U brahs ever think about how

Everything you do in life is utterly meaningless. All your silly pipe dreams of becoming a birrionea, your sexual conquests, your mbuloti, all your grand aspirations and desires. Your hopes and fears in this life. All these things are mere distractions to the fact that you will inevitably die and even the memory of your name will slowly fade…

It’s called existential nihilism and many a philosophy student is familiar with what you thought was a eureka moment.

With nihilism, you acknowledge that there’s no intrinsic value to anything because any meaning ascribed is subjective.

Tukufungie kamba wapi juu you find yourself meaningless and add no value to the world of the living.

Lmao I bet you thought you said some profound shit huh? Vile Kanyotu amesema hapo juu.

Yes of course…King solomon the wisest man who ever lived ndio maana alishaandika ecclesiastes because he had everything a man could want akasema life is useless “vanity” but hapo mwisho chapter 12 alisema fear God and follow his commandments because this is what man was made for

The bible is just a story book. Grow up and start using your head…

Our Lord King Solomon tells us all is vanity, after having had all. Hataki pia sisi tuenjoy kama yeye na tufanye conclusion yetu wenyewe. Mtu akishakuwa billionaire anaanza kuambia masikini pesa ni vanity…si poa.

True. But you can enjoy the meaningless journey nonetheless.

Ile server bado inafanya kazi?

Stop messing up our morning bana!

Body dies, what belongs to earth must remain here. The soul goes, I don’t know where, but I believe the soul cannot die.


Jokes on you if you think that being a wage slave and/or beta cuck provider is meaningful

Haha, you remind me of a younger me…
Getting cancer three times really changes a man, huh?

That’s not true if you’re a Christian. What you do on this earth is extremely important and will reverberate for all of eternity. Every small action you did here will be magnified greatly on judgment day. It’s only vanity if you place earthly pursuits above the immortal ones. Therefore this body is very important, it’s a temple so you must guard it well.

Whatever physical characteristics you have will be maintained in the next life, hell or heaven. Those in heaven will be given glorified bodies that can penetrate physical barriers and travel at the speed of thought. But you’ll be able to identify people you met on earth. They won’t be white puffs of smoke hanging in the air but will have real bodies, much better obviously and ageless. Not even a single atom of our makeup will be lost. On judgment day, every single person will be physically present to receive what they deserve.

Revelation 20:13, “The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done.”

Says the ‘god fearing’ christian who profits off an internet forum which is mostly osha rungu content. Get off your high horse nani

think of yourself as a combination of chemical elements using chemicals to extract nutrients from other combinations of elements to stay alive for a certain period and you are tapping your existance from a complicated brain with a conscience…all ths happening while you are on a self-reliant rock hurtling in space , add the random possibility of you winning the fertilisation race in your mother and you realise life can be meaningless but you are a sort of miracle… im not saying this from a religious angle …religions are fake


Parrables kila mahali

Why the fuck y’all so bitter ?

Here’s another depressing thought,
You will die twice. First, when you draw your last breathe, and second, when your name is spoken for the last time.

In October 23rd, 1816, your ancestor was somewhere in Africa, but you don’t know who he was. What his life was like. The same will happen to you sometime in the future.
You might think storing your data on the cloud will make you immortal, but it is very likely that our technology will be obsolete in the near future. Your best bet is starting a religion, so that you can become the future Jesus or Mohammed.