U brahs ever think about how

I wonder why most people shun existential questions and view those that entertain them as depressed or suicidal. There’s a greater possibility, and has been proven, that life simply self organized from previously disordered systems into complex creatures comprising of a central brain with an infinite loop of information and memory.
Life most probably has no meaning beyond the experiences we go through on the daily till annihilation

the issue is where those complex creatures came from…

Most likely evolved from basic life forms, which subsequently accidentally came into place from elements combining in a favorable environment, earth, and of course time did the rest.

Better believe in karma.

lazima tuingie binguni after 120 years on earth

But that’s not true and God is my witness. Red herring aside, if you really believe in Nietzche’s ideas then what’s stopping you from living up to the symbol on your avatar? Is the fear of imprisonment your objective morality? What is it?

Evolution biologists are a very confused lot. Going by their flawed theories, the last extinction event occurred about 60 million years ago where all complex life forms were destroyed. In the same breath, they say that a human eye has been in the process of evolution over the last 500 million years. If all living things were destroyed 60 million years ago, how was the human eye able to evolve in that very short lifespan?

the extinction you speak of left our ‘rat like’ ancestors alive underground…someni history yenyu tafadfhali

foreign religions are man made… ?

What is that that i wanted to say…ama wacha tu. THE REALIITY… exactly…at times it frightens

They may have flaws but at least not in the scale religion explains it. It’s definitely just a matter of time before everything falls in place, integration of mathematics/physics/biological theories will be the key. Pitia the article below for more https://www.google.com/amp/s/phys.org/news/2014-07-mathematical-theory-alan-turing-formation.amp

Therefore this body is very important, it’s a temple so you must guard it well.

On judgment day, every single person will be physically present to receive what they deserve.

:oops::oops::oops: Na venye dhambi ni tamu…Ghai!! Ntasema nini?

No thanks, this is most likely the only time you’ll ever be alive as you, an individual. There’s no ‘next’ life, the best deal you’ll get is perhaps parts of what made you will be parts of other organisms in their smallest scale

Sitaki ni kutusi lakini u have to be mature enough to know the difference between bullshit and education v/s common sense.the law of God isn’t written on books or reeds of nile it is inscribed in ua heart #natural laws#but the law of the lord is copious,contradictory so the slaves are always sinning.dhabi si Tamu:ua desire is not a sin but if it runs unbridled it is a threat to the king{ lord} so he will demonize it thro education until u r brainwashed and submissive to his whims against ua true desires

We get it. Umemaliza uni juzi na uko pumped baada ya kuwatch illustrated video ya 6 minutes ya nihilism hapo YouTube.

Shida ni you can’t see that you are just as much a slave as the “employed cucks” you think you are superior to.

Both you and the “employed cucks” think purpose can only come from an eternal external source.

Objective meaning isn’t as meaningful as you think. Meaning comes from relationships. Relationships with people and things. Family. Work. Friends and Society. Those in varying degrees can make a meaningful life.

Next time peleka topic kama hizi zenye hazina any worthwhile academic advancement in many years kwingine. Huku ni kwa picha za mattercore na at least picha mpya hutokea kila siku. Ghassssia umbwerrr tuckertucker!!!

No need to panic. We literally live forever. We keep reincarnating till the end of time. Or the next Big Bang.

The Bible is not a story book. It’s the word of God and a magnificent historical record.

Nigger should let us enjoy the good things of life and work hard while at it. Nigger had wealth like no other ruler ever and 1000 women to enjoy it with.

…aii bana hujai jua anything that is not right… Huwa na ka feeling kengine hapo…sika kawaida but huwa si mzuri mbele ya macho ya wengine…

In whatever we do on this earth, we should always know that everything is varnity, Nothing is permanent on this earth. This is why I normally tell people to stop beahing as if they are the queens of the earth. Normally, I hate those who put on dress that expose their anatomy. It is very wicked to do that because you are putting the opposite gender into trouble. I think it i more wise to dree well. I see some people dress half naked. Why cant they just walk naked. We should be very careful with whatever we do on earth because each and everyone will give an account to everything that he/she ever participated in, whether good or bad.