Type of Man Woman Want

  1. A man they cannot control ( a man she cannot tame)

Woman want a man they cannot control. If she tries to control you by her mouth pussy or emotions and you fall for it, you become inferior before her eyes.

Reason they open their legs first to badboys knowing they are badboys in no control of them. Same manner you see men drawn to Lanyes they cannot tame and control.

  1. A Man they cannot change

Woman hate a man they can change, a man they can put under their command, a man who has become a baby to them under their control. The moment a woman changes a man, she is definitely leaving.

Juliani was changed from being Juliani to chapati maker, she left…now she is trailing juliani for Juliani is trying to be Juliani again

Bahati has been changed even closing the studio to join her in monkey youtube business…he will cry in the toilet

Megan changed the prince - same fate awaits him

A woman is attracted to you for whom she found you being, the moment she changes you, she has nothing attracting her to you.

  1. A man they cannot manipulate

If your no is no, no matter the cries and pussy behavior, that the man they want - a man who cannot be manipulated anyhow by a woman.

  1. A man who doesn’t worship and celebrate her

Woman are drawn to a man who doesn’t worship and celebrate her because naturally its woman made to worship and celebrate men. The moment a man worships and celebrates a woman, he becomes inferior before her eyes.

  1. A Man who shows no point of weakness

The moment you admit a point of weakness to a woman, you become weak before her.

A woman will never leave you or not want you for cheating or sleeping with many of her kind, but the moment she can control manipulate and tame you, she will want nothing to do with you only transforming you to her slave as others tap her

Ditto on point number 5!!

I saw a similar discussion pale on Telegram and I think this is a very upside down way of thinking. If a woman manages to manipulate you, it simply means you also allowed to be manipulated. Its mutual.

“Love is whack bitches want cash” Starscream 2020

Cc Makena

You are confusing yourself…

Niaje Eunice Kathambi?

most importantly a man with 12inch which will go all way to her esophagus she will not claim she isnt fullfilled fully

What happened to the good ol days where men didnt have to prove themselves,days where a woman knew her place,spoke only when spoken to? Now we have these coloured pills men,fags going their way and the greek men… alphas,omegas and and sheet, who cant define themselves once the woman gets to wear the pants. Bunch of sissies is all i see if you ask me.

Ukitaka wanawake wakutoroke kuwa na hiyo 12 inch dick…

Mwanaume ni kuwa na 6.5 inch dick na one shot is enough

I wrote here before that at the very least 80% of men in this country are spinning plates trying everything they can just to keep women because we don’t have any hobbies other than kuhanya and bembelezaing women that’s why we have a culture where grown working women are bold enough to ask you to buy them power tokens and cooking gas.WTF!


One powerful tactic any man must use against this mbichez is the withdrawal/ No contact method and being indifferent to her shenanigans and bulshit.Dem alinifanyia madharau za kijinga nikaamua simuongeleshi na simugotei tena…I ignored her permanently until one day akanitafuta, this time with machungu na teary eyes… Ignore these women watakutafuta my fren.Ata wakue aje warembo watakua watajiuliza mbona hii nugu haini notice.

This ‘sissy behaviour’ is the result of some 50 odd years of social paradigm shifts caused primarily by 3rd wave feminism and Liberal identity politics in general. Let’s not bullshit ourselves, there were no ‘Good Old Days’ when men didn’t define their masculinity in relation to women. It has ALWAYS been that way. Being a father, a husband, a provider, its all in relation to women. How useful he is to them. How much he is desired by them. Times change but mating patterns and behaviour don’t. This pill stuff seems laughable to someone who hasn’t been raised in the world we have today where women think they can do whatever they want and get away with it because its all they’ve ever been told almost from the womb. Men are trying to redefine themselves in a world where women are increasingly taking the lead not just economically and politically but also socially. That has its positives and its negatives, but the bottom line is that men are waking up to the reality of their existence and are now trying to carve out a place for themselves in this new world. At least, that’s how I see it.

What a woman want is what you want, someone who inspire, lead by example, forgive, persevere, calm and composed etc. We all love someone who forgave us that one stupid mistake we did, we love that someone who when he/she is around to get energy to solve problems and do boring tasks. In other words ask yourself the traits in someone that makes happy and energized and be that person.

Betamale detected

Sijui mbona watu wanajipea presha za umeffi hapa kufurahisha kita imekulwa na college mzima…An average size tool that you can manage well is enough…There are stories of girls vamoosing from the kejas after seeing oversized tools.

Silence is golden, it can annoy even the devil…
Back in the day when sms was the inthing, mkianza kurushiana maneno n’a kunguru used to do I thing…
Delete the text without reading, nikiina message imeingia ntafungua inbox locate the text with one eye closed N’a hii ingine nimeweka dim ndo nisisome text vile inaanza,… I locate the text through my eyelashes Nakudelete…
Most kungurus used to go haywire after a few days

Hadi wa leo hii ndo tactic. Hakuna back and forth na words mingi mingi. Delete chat kaa ni upumbavu.

You sound like a woman…