Truth be told: Uni of Garissa is/was Uni of watu mashida shida hivi

Tuongee tu ukweli who here even knew a Uni existed in Garissa? Anyway looking at videos of Survivors or Family members who lost loved ones u can clearly see these pple are watu mashida shida hivi and that is why Gava haishugulike vile! If it was let say USIU weuwe ile moto ungeona…hata Nkaissery angefutwa on da spot.

Back to the survivors at Uni ya Garissa…jus seeing their faces tells u they have seen alot!! Did u see dat ka - chic who drunk Dark n Lovely lotion? hio sura inaka aje? Poverty written all over. alafu again that 8 mnth Preggy chic…si huyo anaka Lola Lola hivi?

Going to the famos of the victims, did u see dat Luhya guy with mdomo kauka due 2 mashida say dat his Sista (RIP)called him ndo he sambaz 2K for Exam fees<–dafaq man…2K exam fees Uni mzima, anyway Dude told sis ati he had only 3sock (300/-) and also told her asijaribu to call ol lady coz hio ni kama punishment coz Ol lady was fukara. Manze i felt bad when i saw that clip.

Look at how the families of the deceased are being treated identifying bodies of their loved ones nauko Chiromo? They are being treated like nobodies and u wanna know why coz Kenya hii kuna two tribes…the rich and the poor. Hii ingekuwa ni USIU case ungeona vi2 haujawai ona…Even support from akina Israel, USA and Europe zingekuwa zimeshafika design ya Westgate…mnakumbuka how akina Israelis flew in Kenya when WestGate occured.ahem hio design.

Wait & see how this story of Garissa will vanish in thin air in a weeks time…it will be like nuthin happened…lakini ya West gate hata media like akina Mohammed Ali made a Documentary highlighting the attack, Hata western based media like HBO lakini since Garissa Uni was ya ma sufferer it will go down the drain!! watch this space… I was shocked to see pple lighting candles in memory of the lost souls at the garissa uni while singing the song “Luwere”“Luwere” <—surely si hii ni matusi…ati luwere----lakini to the familes and victims ALL I CAN SAY IS RIP AND POLENI SANA…From the bottom of my heart.

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Ukweli. Hiyo ilikuwa tribe #2 territory. Lakini tukiiachilia iishe, kwanza bila kusaidia, ndio hao sisi tumechangia kwa hiyo system.

Israel ilikuwa mix last time ju West gate ni ya muIsraeli. Macitizens wa US na Britto pia waliangushwa Westgate. Ndio maana walikuwa involved.

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Enyewe wazazi huona vituko… Eti exam fee campo yawa. Next ataitishwa za mock

When you contribute to dividing Kenyans by economic level then do you not think you’re part of the problem? Innocent Kenyans died. No need to label them mashida or whatever adjective you use. When you label them mashida it’s almost like you’re devaluing their lives. But going by your other listings, you seem a little inexperienced so it must be a big joke to you.


You are pointing out tom the trend in our education system. Its true most of the students from that University are from poor families. There are very few self sponsored students in the university. if any, then they must be somalis. Most of the rich people take their children parallel programs or the big private universities such as USIU na Daystar.
It is very true the attention, both media and government, given to the Garissa university attack is very wanting.

My cousin studied in the KMTC of Garissa. We took her not because of the mashida as you claim but it was the only place with a vacancy

By nature, public universities are cheap in terms of tuition and accommodation. Your guess is as good as mine on the socioeconomic status & background of gov’t-sponsored students who attend them.

And for the record, yes I attended one. And if you had seen me at the time, you’d probably have described me in a similar manner as you describe the GUC students. And yet, this does not make them any less of human beings deserving of all honor and respect that our nation can accord them.

Mimi kusema tu ukweli, hii attack nasikia imeniudhi tu vibaya sana. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.


#justathought - I think TIG you need to grow up a little more. tafakari hayo before unirukie na matusi.


i must say that lazima TIG awe mtu mashida shida mingi, thats why hes always seeking to brand others as watu mashida shida ili wakuwe kwa level moja. inferioty complex ni ugonjwa ya kweli uliza dr.luther akuandikie prescription

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I find it distasteful to derive humor from other people’s suffering, and that’s exactly what TIG does.

I pray that in your lifetime, a misfortune happens to you, and we get a chance to derive humor from it.


Mcheka kilema hafi hakijamfika.

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Bad things sure happen in the most unfortunate of places…clearly these people needed a break in life and what they had placed their hopes in was in education…everybody just wants a better life.

It is easy to describe other people as watu wa mashida i wonder how Kirubi will describe you if he was as stupid as you.

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Wangapi hapa ni alumni wa USIU?


Those who died were kenyans hata kama most were from poor backgrounds, kuna familia moja ilipoteza their only son and child, when he was born his mother had heart problems so the doctor advised them not to have more children juu mama anaweza pass if she goes through another pregnancy, the father was a tea farmer na alikuwa amechukuwa loan ili asomeshe kijana ndio awatowe kwa umaskini, yes most were from poor backgrounds but they struggled to reach there.


…and someone finds it ok to make fun of them akiwaita watu mashida shida hivi.

And since wen did being poor or having kam from a poor background justify being massacred?
u must be having upbringing issues dude…were u subjected to poverty or abused just to belong to a ‘better’ socioeconimic class?

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Watu hapa are not getting my point in this thread . Am not mocking the poor bt what i am trying 2 say is the gava’s reaction towards this tragedy was very poor bcoz uni ni ya masufferah. If this was USIU ungeona tofauti…

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Again, someone needs to burst this myth about USIU. . . .

We get your point its just phrased in bad taste.

kabisa, most that perpetuate that myth are from outside looking in

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