Truth be told: Uni of Garissa is/was Uni of watu mashida shida hivi

Back to the survivors at Uni ya Garissa…jus seeing their faces tells u they have seen alot!! Did u see dat ka - chic who drunk Dark n Lovely lotion? hio sura inaka aje? Poverty written all over. alafu again that 8 mnth Preggy chic…si huyo anaka Lola Lola hivi?

Going to the famos of the victims, did u see dat Luhya guy with mdomo kauka due 2 mashida say dat his Sista (RIP)called him ndo he sambaz 2K for Exam fees<–dafaq man…2K exam fees Uni mzima, anyway Dude told sis ati he had only 3sock (300/-) and also told her asijaribu to call ol lady coz hio ni kama punishment coz Ol lady was fukara.

That’s the gava saying those nasty things??

Walai @This is Gold you are irredeemably stupid. Jinga kabisa


Ihave a feeling that TIG still shacks up at his mom’s place… A very strong feeling


@TIG…though you may have a point that the holloi polloi in any state are never considered I would like to point out a small point…not everyone who studies in strath, goes to parallel prog or usiu comes from well off famos…kuna wazazi they just want the very best for their kids educationwise therefore they sacrifice for they know the benefit of a good education…

Its sad to make fun of sm1 whose family cant raise school fees of 3k…fate is inevitable;kip ya sick mockery to yaself lest its catches up witu.

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I find nothing wrong with TIG sentiments. It’s true most kenyans ni watu mashidashida.

vitu hu.happen TIG umebonga shyett na facts pia

USIU is not the heaven of unis in Kenya ni jina tu. There are all classes of people and more so if there are american students there are in singe/double digits. Majority of these mythical people TIG is fancying wanakula madondo hapo roysa na weekend kwa malocal ni kibao vodo.

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kwanza anyone that can pay University parallel can pay that USIU colle. The only difference is every one there wants to belong to the “class” that the name implies. some try too hard there is one who comes from a very humble background but he resorted to selling drugs to raise the money to always “turn up” and get the clothing required. Wengi wanaishi Roysambu and the likes, there may be children of the wealthy but they form a very small minority just like in most other colleges

@This is Gold I see your point but its the delivery of the said point that is wanting…Nobody chooses the family she/he is born into.

@This is Gold amedinya point the delivery was on point but the real issue with villagers hare have a -ve perspective of you. Its like sonko having a billion dollar idea of saving kenya, middle class and upper class citizens will hia non of it and thats 80 to 99% of the village members here.

His aberrated thinking is a misfortune enough. It would be inhuman to wish him more.

@Cypher it’s because the truth hurts.

The government has never helped anyone anywhere. why should this one be different? the government is actually a group of people, usually of above average intelligence(people high in the government or in large corporations are usually polymaths and very intelligent), pretending to help or represent people while they are looting the gains made by the masses. The extent or the magnitude of what the government can steal from the people and the level of accountability that can be expected depends on the ability of the people to demand a balance in sharing. Its only when people properly hold the restraints on the government that accountability can be expected. Kenya of today is a result of very intelligent and educated people in a chess game with a largely dumb and illiterate majority of the population.

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