Trump will end up in jail...

The way I am seeing things happening as of now is that Trump will likely end up in jail. He should have just conceded peacefully and let go of the presidency and and he would have retired a peaceful and honorable man. In fact USA would have missed him for what he did for them economically.
But so far Trump will end up the most unpopular and controversial person to have occupied the office of the presidency and might end up in jail

Angenyongwa tu kwa hizo gallows zilikuwa hapo nje na protestors.

I like this song. Ongeza volume.

Modi ready to send help.


Ata Mwivi wa sugoi ata nyongwa siku moja

The worst president in the history of America

Lutto being a thief and a murderer, you have no moral standing negatively commenting about trump.

For sure Pax Americana is ending. It will end in our lifetime. Countries that have been getting harassed by US like Venezuela, Iran, China must be excited

I keep telling you US is just a sh!thole with nukes mnakataa. Haina tofauti na Yemen ni vie tu Yemen hawana nukes. Fvck America


Na si mjaribu tuone. :D:D:D

Mmenyamaziwa for 4 years makadhani nyinyi ndio wanaume.

Then you quickly run back to CNN to watch America and Americans.

How come CNN never amplified the summer of BLM terror if they really cared about fair reporting? Why were they silent when the mayor of Portland called it the “summer of love” when BLM took over 6 blocks and called it CHAZ (autonomous zone?)

Why didn’t the leftists listen to Trump’s well documented evidence of election fraud?? Why?! Bunch of thugs they are.

It ain’t over.

meza dawa ya syphilis pole pole

To me he is and will always be the best in our lifetime. See, I don’t evaluate people based on mainstream views because I’m reminded that the crowd preferred Barrabas over Jesus. Most people fall for peer pressure, they choose the path of least resistance. They are not good judges of character.

Trump has exposed America for what it really is, in a way that neither they nor the world can every deny. They have officially lost the right to be the morality police.

Ati the FBI is appealing for digital data e.g videos so they can arrest the “violent rioters”. :D:D

Talk of bias. Deep state FBI.

During BLM violence the same FBI was very silent. Wanatuona mafala hawa watu.

Hehe. Enyewe hio ng’ombe huongea ni kama iko na syphilis ya akili. And a very short memory.

he got 74m votes! , are you sure about the worse part?

US national debt is currently $27,761,000,000,000
There is no recovery from this. And remember the haven’t printed 2,000 dollars stimulus cheques for every household.
Hii train wreck will be interesting to watch

:D:D:Dnigga zinapigwa copper na this airhead bado anawaita men:D:D protest hard, burrets are plenty… the MAGA house is buirning itself down and it is glorious