Trump will end up in jail...

Good thing we have no obligation to believe you, infact we enjoy the freedom to call your opinion for what it is, bullshit

This is way above your pay grade. Ulipewa blanket amnesty na @captain obvious that can be revoked pronto.

Concentrate on ligi ya 20k boss.

Huyu mama mujinga hujiona yeye ni mzungu

Coming back home, RAO never conceded and was at least given a hearing at the Supreme Court.

He then refused to participate in the new election ordered by the court and ended up swearing himself in at Uhuru park.

Na si ako sawa tu. He is not in jail and is infact thriving and probably still has the support of half of Kenya.

Trump pia ako na nusu mkate of the US votes.

If Uhuru lost the presidency would Nairobi Business Community occupy parliament?

Very poor analogy

Kababa umemaliza grade 6 ?


But that not the way to fight injustice, he should not appear to incite people to fight for him in unlawful manner. Infact he ought to sacrifice his ambitions for peace

Unless it’s not peace that the democrats backers mean to offer the world.

There is a concentrated effort to centralize the world, and this covid-19 serves as a perfect Trojan horse to achieve this.

Government economies will be on their knees economically, the people have been slowly dumbed down enough to rise against their own governments.

Conspiracy theories about this one world government are all over, remember whenever you wish to call such folks as tin foil wearing wackjobs that there is a pyramid with a floating eye on the dollar.

Old world order vs New world order