Trump not giving a shit

Trump is firing in all directions today

:D:D it looks like Rep Ilhan Omar has gotten under his skin and it is making him very uncomfortable. I think she will be re-elected

Rep Ilhan Omar is very toxic also, she hates US with every inch of her skin, she has become like an anti-US activist…
She is not getting re-elected.

th only reason ilhan is in congress is because over 70K somalis live in one congressional district in minnesota. Yani walipeleka ukabila america. She was not elected for being smart, she was elected for being a nail

The same things they’re saying about her are the same things they said about Obama. That he is anti American blah blah blah and will not be elected and later be re-elected. We all saw what happened.

Na vile kanajua kupayuka about American foreign policies esp in Israel and middle East, but huwezi sikia kakiongea about Somalia and the shit going on there supported by primitive clan politics…

Obama was very different from Omar, in ideology and ancestry. plus Obama was very smart in his character and talk…Ilhan just talks without thinking.

He he he he he, I am coming to love this dude every day.

I literally orgasmed when he called the British ambassador stupid and the PM foolish. Time that little silly island was put in its place…

No need to argue too much since it’s just speculation. Let’s wait and see. But I support her fearlessness. Even Pelosi doesn’t know how to reign her in

Ilhan Omar alipigwa breaks pale capital, wakiwa na Cortez.

Ilhan is just an Al Shabab agent

Musito Trump has no equal ,he should just be given another term,ama namna gani @patco ?

Trump is right though, that kawoman is just too toxic. And she been receiving threats too.
Lakini hapo Uncle ametupiga sweet, ati she came from “countries” that are corrupt and inept, she lived in a refugee camp hapa 254.

Hako kamalaya kachafu White Confederate should kill her ama kakuwe deported.

But why do I seem to agree with him this once? Hapo amongea ukweli kabisa. Ama ni vile husemekana that even a broken clock finds itself being correct twice a day?

The way to do her in politically is to do what in political colloquialism is called gerrymandering i.e. redraft the district borders…ataenda asubuhi

I will always say this…hakuna kitu takataka kama msomali…

huwa haongei juu ya somali juu anajua misumri wenzake. There is smething fundametally wrong wit the way nails minds work

Ask any Somali why Somali is broken, they will always blame 1.Kenya 2.Ethiopia 3.USA …

Hapa naunga uncle Trump mkono.