Trump not giving a shit

Doesn’t work according to the system script. He is a very interesting guy and not too rigid. Remember he has met Kim and and also been to no man’s land in Korea

What? You’re going to change MN?

He should start by going back to Poland.

Uncle Trump ako sawa

It is never them. Some hidden forces and they have zero resources…what they have is much less than even what UG has…that is one ungrateful race

White supremacists you’ve gotten your next target.

She speaks bluntly about taboo subjects such as Israel’s unparalleled stranglehold over US politics and policies. USA biased policies against Palestinians, anti-muslim discrimination and bias, the kind of blunt dirty truth that hurts those hiding their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.

The Associated Press has found documentation showing that Melania Trump broke immigration law when she first came to the US in 1996 — by entering the country on a tourist visa and then working as a professional model.


She speaks like a Hamas leader, Nancy Pelosi even condemned her.

Hii thread imeni-bore sana. Yaani kila ng’ombe kwa hii thread yenye imesupport Donald Trump ni Mkndu ya nani na pia ni maknde ya chura. Ati mnasupport mtu mwenye anawachukia na hiyo ngozi yenu nyeusi. Trump akiwaona atawaita dogi. Trump doesn’t respect any black person including you guyz

Victim mentality.