Trump ni takataka ya Dondkok

[MEDIA=twitter]1183209744384704512[/MEDIA] Mimi nahurumia hao Kurds sana. Huyu jamaa ni ngombe kubwa takataka

mmejua kurds tu last week. search ii kijiji hakuna mtu ashai post anything about kurds before last week. na hapa mnajidai kuquestion wisdom ya mzito Donald trump? Trump is a man who resolves what to do and does what he resolves. He does not need small small money like Obama. He does not want war.

Xi Jinping amesema nini? I thought so. The USA is not a trash can to be dumped on all problems in the world.

Kila nchi ipambane na hali yake.
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Sikutambui Ghasia hii

Bora utatambua Trump

We have known about Kurds since the 1st gulf war on Iraq.
How old were you back then if at all you were born?

Why were they there in the first place? Did the Kurds or ISIS invite them? You’re ignoring the fact that they (US) want to control the world. Yes. I agree, the Kurds, Turks, Syrians and Pakistanis have to solve their own problems. What was the US doing sticking their nose into it?

By the way, it’s for financial gain, nothing else.

Trump is undoing Obama’s messes in Syria by pulling out our troops but the Kurds want us to remain. Sorry but no thanks. We are not spending another dime of tax payer money on stupid wars.


Obama started a war?? Obama brought back 500,000+ men and women!! Can you please get back on planet earth? You are kidding… Why were the Afgan oil pipelines blown up by drones between last Nov and June this year?

Nilijua Kurds time ya First Gulf war. Saddam slaughtered them to.

Christian? Love thy neighbor?

at what cost?

Why is turkey fighting kurds if kurds were helping turkey fight ISIS… and why didn’t America work with Assad to fight ISIS

Turkey has been fighting Kurds since time immemorial they will not allow Kurds to form their own state,
America will never work with Assad because he kills his own people and he is supported by Russia and Iran who are America’s number 1 enemies which makes the war complex because they are forced to fight two enemies 1. Assad regime vs ISIS and rebels who are also fighting against each other supported by outside forces-Russia, Iran, etc. Russia joined the war to counter the US at the UN security council, to sell weapons and to side with their fellow states Iran, who are facing global sanctions. I think Trump is wise by pulling troops but he must work through allies to contain ISIS and Al-Qaeda and stop creating more enemies

Obama fuelled the Arab spring by providing weapons support to rebel groups and removing regimes which created a power vacuum for ISIS to thrive

Shocking beyond belief. Trump ni k*ma.

Someone is ass licking trumps orange ass

Then the only solution to end of this conflict is a united syria, kurds have to agree they are weak. they need to find a way to work with Assad and to have strength against turkey

Mimi nilijua kurds hata kabla uzaliwe.