Trump ni takataka ya Dondkok

Kurds bit more than they could chew when the Iraq chapter declared independence in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan. This move made countries where pockets of Kurds are minorities like Iran, Turkey and Iraq and have been agitating for self determination start campaigns against them. The fact that US had already withdrawn troops and military support made them vulnerable.
Anyway the Yazidis have been hit hardest in this unending war

But he is sending US soldiers to Saudi arabia. So basically if war escalates with Iran your tax payers money will be used to help the incompetent army of Saudi Arabia. Your tax payers money will be used to defend a state that is known to sponsor terrorists like alqaeda and isis.

Withdrawing 1000 and Sending 2000 troops to Saudi ?

Interests interests

Saudi Arabia invests billions of dollars into the US economy. Nothing is for free.

Sure, the same bible demands that we become good stewards of our resources.

You are forgetting that Kurds also exist in Iraq and by pulling this move they are definitely rethinking who to bet on. Pahali Iran & Russia wako ni kurub palms ile njaro ya birdman. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan gone. Don’t forget the backstabbing trump pulled against Qatar to impress the Saudi’s. Back in the Americas Trump shit on Venezuela thereby attracting the Chinese & Russians. What’s common in all these countries i have listed? Black Gold. So it’s interesting that u’ve bought into the bullshit that it’s about the troops because it will take wars to take back what Trump has lost.

Very good, let the Kurds make new re-alignments. We don’t even need the so called black gold in Iraq.

The US has more oil reserves than Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

You are missing the big picture. Oil is but an example of the larger problem that US is facing na tilamp is ill equipped to deal with it.

Your government already sells weapons to these ppl and several US companies are investing in Saudi Arabia so USA doesn’t owe these people anything.

I do not comment on syria issues because no one knows who’s who.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. No country comes close. That is why America wanahemea hiyo mafuta ya venezuela coz it’s enough to feed the whole world for many years. Unfortunately they are not allowed to export their oil coz of jealous and racist America.

Patco, Patricia …is that you?