1 Tumeshinda Tanzania.

  1. Morocco incredible numbers are justified. Its the most beautiful African destination by FAR.

  2. Generally North Africa benefits from being very close to Europe where flights cost as low as $100, are plentiful and last <3hrs.

  3. In the near future tukiwacha macheso we can compete with SA.

What makes South Africa so attractive?

Business reasons.

Beautiful beaches

Hii ni kusema nini ?

What if I told you that kunguru ndio husaidia tourism Kenya na sio wanyama? Kenya is a top sex tourism destination. Parks and wildlife are just an icing on the cake. The fact that an average Kenyan is fluent in English (conversation level) makes it easier for for sex tourists compared to other countries like TZ.

I think they have many products compared to us.

Ni kusema the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is among the top 20 largest stock exchanges in the world and certainly the leading one in frontier markets. Don’t forget that SA is a large producer of minerals.

How on earth is zim attracting more tourists than us?

wacha tuoge na oil watajua hawajui

SA is a rich country. Uganda was not ranked? We should be doing much better than TZ.

Kenya iko down ju ya Election August/November

Tungechezea 8-9 Mill

No you shouldn’t.

Matter of fact they should be doing better than us. Their wildlife product is better, their beaches are are better and esp in 2017, more politically at at peace - less terroristic threats. They also have Zanzibar a product we can’t match.

Proximity to SA.

They should be doing better than us. Lakini ni wazembe.

Proximity to SA as stated above and high literacy levels like Kenya. The only reason we are doing better than TZ is the high literacy levels, specifically, the average Kenyan can communicate in basic English which makes it easier for American, British and Australian tourists. Most Europeans can also speak English even if they are not from the UK.

I’m always surprised that tourists still go to Mombasa with all the garbage and dilapidated buildings. Kenya can easily do 10 million if we stop fucking around. Or target something like 3 million high quality, top dollar paying tourists…quality over quantity.

Hapo pa high quality, I agree. But huko coast there are some big shots who sneak in and the leave without people noticing. Especially kwa hizo exclusive villas.

Time ya Kibaki vile tulianza kuturn East kuna tuchinku tulifurika huku, na kazi ilikuwa kushare rooms za thao per night watu ka tano, na kula noodles. I think ministry of tourism waliona hapa hakuna kazi, wakarudi traditional source markets. But still, it’s all about marketing coz France receives about 2 million Chinese tourists every year and they’re not the stingy kind.

How come Egypt is not included ama iko ranked under Middle East?

Despite a long electioneering period last year the tourists came despite most hotels reporting low numbers. I expect this year the number of tourists to double up.