Has Kenya ever had more than 2 million visitors per year since its birth?

As fucked up as Zimbabwe was, they have more visitors than we do. So imagine if they were economically stable. But tourism is affeted by many fators eg ease of travel within the country, the cost of the expenses in the host country, crime, number and variety of tourist destination sites, et. Fix those and we can jump up that scale.

I think it has, think about people who come in through unofficial channels.

Hao tourists wa mombasa no kunguru wanatafuta. For a tourist town mombasa is too disorganized.

Tourists are getting robbed, raped and killed in South africa yet they still flock to that country .
One thing I like about S.A. is that it’s affordable for tourists…one can easily get accommodation at half of what we usually pay here…
Alcohol, food and air transport are also very cheap…joburg to cape town, a 2 and half hour flight costs around 6k shillings Only! Of course there are very many other reasons…like the beautiful cape town beaches…vineyards and wine tasting etc
Then shopping…Sandton alone attracts more tourists(shoppers)than kenya. I won’t mention Soweto, Mandela magic/robben island, reed dances, sports esp intl rugby and cricket super leagues, tens of thousands of exchange students and medical tourism.

Not true. The tourists who visit the country for Kungurus make up a small minority. And they are poor men in their home countries who save up 2-3 years to make a trip here.

Pia game hunting is legal, some wealthy whites are willing to pay a lot of money to kill animals for fun.

We need to really diversify our tourism products moving forward can’t keep relying on traditional products of game and beach!
The new generation of tourists while may want to experience a bit of game not majority would spend their entire time just doing that and would want something more engaging and interactive.Thats where I think countries like South Africa beats us.
Also need to rethink pricing coz it’s damn expensive to vacay in Kenya.An old dilapidated hotel like Outspan Hotel in Nyeri still charges upwards of $100 a night!

You will get very decent and secure accommodation in either cape town, joburg, or Durban with just 3500 shillings
Proper dinner at a typical 4 star wine estate hotels…which are in the league of Windsor won’t cost you more than 5k…and am including drinks

That’s why it makes no sense to a tourist to come to kenya and pay 3 or more times that money and the experience isn’t any better to that of South Africa.

How is Zimbabwe in that list.South Africa i can agree.It’s a nice place for tourism.I will go there during Christmas holiday.

Africa mko na mchezo sana.

Look at the numbers Asia is pulling.


Malaysia attracts more tourists numbers than its entire population. The country is dirt cheap but with very high standards. It is a newly industrialised country (NIC)

A swanky five star hotel in Kuala Lumpur is about $30- $50 per night.


Some even opt for Thailand.

Game hunting, but Give it to Balala, he is good at marketing

Asia wako juu to be honest.

Zimbabwe got independence in 1980, so ata kama they’ve had issues in the recent past, their infrastructure is still largely intact.

That’s why I get annoyed when the ministry of tourism gloats about these small numbers. France is the most visited country in the world, with nearly 90 million tourists annually, against a population of 67 million. They have beaches, but most tourists go there because of the way the country has been romanticized. Most just go to visit museums, shop, see the Eiffel tower, have coffee…nothing thaaat special, but over the years they’ve crafted these stories that make every girl dream of visiting Paris. So we can easily do 20 million. We don’t even need minerals if we manage the economy well.

Kenya is primarily a safari destination, which is why she has to split tourists with Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia etc. Other than that there’s nothing else that can attract em whites cocroaches.

Enyewe ata mimi naona hio france ni overrated

But you would still want to go there :smiley: