Tour Company rip-off

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Hii ni mambo gani sasa…i always insist its better to get a bike and just ride everywhere…alternatively panda matatu hadi rongai and walk the rest of the way…if it costs you more thay 500 per person you have paid too much for this place!

My family and I uses Elyzza tours, sometimes it’s not about the money it’s the experience and the many new contacts you will have.

Maybe you have a point.

Once i wanted to attend such…the deal seemed too god to be true…niliona kwa app fulani sikumbuki…the ones where the deals are only available for two weeks or untill all the slots are filled in. Anyways it was a three day trip yo maasai mara. Nikauliza na rooms je…they told me i will have to share. Nikaukiza kama ni mwanamke ana dume…dame akacheka akasema ofcourse male. Hio story nikakatia hapo…i would never share a room with a male stranger never effa!

@Deorro umeskia, Kuenda rongai ni road trip!

Hizo matatu zenu kalikali should be giving you binoculars for sight seeing.

Mostly the best are for family packages, but I think if you’re single it’s better to book for the VIP.

Okey. It I’ll check

True. Ata mimi siwes. Unaweza jipata unashare na @Atwoli afanye msee to lose his backdoor innocence.

yea, but mostly what i would hate would be sharing the bathroom, mimi ni wale hupenda kukaa kwa starehe zangu

For a grown ass man it is not right. Izo vitu za kushare room ni za campo not for a hustling man.

So you’d rather walk around nude in front of a damsel instead of a bloke?

DAAAAAA!!! What a Fucked Up Question.!!! Are you intimating you would rather walk nude in front of a bloke??? :eek::eek: Very Gay


Lipua closet na RPG kabisa.

Homophobes all over! Guys who’ve never been on a team, played a sport that has shared locker rooms. Why do you think locker rooms are separated as per gender? Just because I don’t see anything wrong with that doesn’t mean I’m sexually attracted to men. But go on, tell me to come out of my closet…

ati unataka kutembea kutoka Ronga hadi Rolfs??? kweli uko na roho

Hehe si mimi huride bike mbali sana

Hapa RPG ni mingi kuliko kule torabora mountains

This guy started just the other day,his charges for hiking were attractive but now I find him exxagerating the prices too much.Plus he keep going to the same place year in year out

Nigga you gay!