Tour Company rip-off

Chill my guy…Iko tofauti ya kuwa in a team, with a friend na a new guy you just met kwa event…

In a team kuna that bond, maguys mko tu story ya game as you wait for your turn,some are still changing or having a beer na hakuna big deal.The only thing team mate ata spot ni Injury ama grass burn if they want to attend to it…with a friend mumejuana for long pia ni sawa

Shida iko kwa STRANGER. Met the first day and you both sharing a room?? Ongeza what you had paid for accommodation and get yours…I’m sure haiwes kuwa more than a G.

Ukigurumisha ama?

Leo umeshinda wah!:D:D:D

And you then went on to book with an outfit that places male and female perfect strangers in a double room. Nice!!

Hehehe hivo ndio gazetti huandikwa unashangaa ni kama movie