To the girls in the village

We were just having a discussion with my friends …about a certain age one reaches , where
youre just h***ny for nothing n you re not ovulating …its just out of the blue

Does this happen to all ladies n what would be the cause of this…

:rolleyes: don’t mind my presence just passing by

Me too, ha ha ha ha.

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please state the age Team mafisi we we name soft target


I guess you just made alot of Mafisi here very HORNY!!! …and they are not even ovulating…the wankers!


Are u there yet?

Ice umenimaliza hapo kwanza na hio avatar hehe guess sio what @pur alikua anaexpect



Ice cube u sasa u wanna be a lady …:rolleyes:

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no I just happened to pass by, lakini am long gone. Dont want to derail the informative conversation. Excuse my interruption

lets narrow this down @Purr_27… does that age begin with a number 3 or 4?

Sande sana…

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I think early late 20s to early 30s …ama is when one wants a child

Sounds like u r horny now. If you need a propeller, tuko hapa kama team mafisi:p:p:p

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o_Omm ok …population ration of men to women kwa hii village is like 1:7 :(:frowning:

Mmmh; its true very true happens all the time… Esp when near a really manly man…


we need more pink handles

I have noted never used to happen when I was in college …

Colle, no… Doesn’t happen . it happens in 30,s … The body longing for a kid…n even with a kid, more kids

sometimes we men lust for women but we will never hav them as friends or wives…
there is just that one person you wanna fuck and there is always dat person you wanna make love with

so @Purr_27 whenever a lady meets the guy she wanna fuck she get wet and horny

U can rcruit some from sj an ask em to join. .