To the girls in the village



It happens, and yes it’s normal. Men are at their sexual peak around the age of 18 to early 20s and from point onwards it begins to decline polepole. On the other hand, women peak at around 35yrs (mid 30s generally) before it begins to decline.

Am not a woman but from my long ferking experience, I know women around 35-45 are usually very horny and crave the D more than a man.You can tap that thing till you run away from it.

Hebu describe a manly man.

Thnks for info …i think i will get married to a younger guy then :p:p

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:smiley: :smiley: You’re most welcome. You wanna prove that theory, just look around see, generally, the period when divorce is most likely to happen (i.e. look at the couples’ respective ages).

Mmmh are you talking about yourself…:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Well this is diff, it’s not even about meeting anyone …the feeling just comes out of the blue …

Dont worry love, john_doe’s mighty ding dong is at your service…any time…any day

never mind. we men have a boner all time since we are born to when we are octogenarians. Between 13 and 70 we probalbly are horny all time. This is a much more difficult and enslaving situation than you can ever imagine. I could stand to go without in highschool and college for a looooong time and not eve think abt kawasaki. Now am past that so callled peak for men and I can hardly go without. I become insane during dry spell.

Niko 20. Hao wamama wako na nyege waje

Well Well!! My sex drive has been in OVERDRIVE ever since I can remember but as you mature as a woman you get comfortable with your body and your sexuality. You know what you want and how you want it hence as you age, early 30’s and above sex is more enjoyable than in your early 20’s…

soo prrr ka pussy are you trying to say you are horny.

I have noted tht as yrs go buy the sex drive kinda goes high

@Purr_27 are those the moments that ladies suddenly start grinding their thighs absentmindedly/with a faraway look?

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sa si tupange laini kamA villager @uwesmake akiwa mbele alafu tuwekelee @Purr_27 combie juu inakaa yeye hatuwes maliza nyengese yake

Tiga ngoma. .Saitan!!


@Purr_27 ile gari niaje, naskia nimeumia roho nahitaji some consolation…