To Ladies who like big dicks...poleni sana

-Today in the morning i happened to stumble upon a facebook post by KTN KENYA that there is a woman who has filed for a divorce on grounds that she cannot handle the size of the manhood of her husband. This got me curious and i went to the comment section to catch glimpse of how kenyans reacted to the news.
-The lady however received tantrums from her fellow mates ati she doesnt know what she is missing; mara ataumia akiwacha bwana; mara wengine were claiming that they rather divorce a man with a smaller dick compared to one who carries an anaconda and it got me thinking; a big dick is a double edged sword.
-Check it out guys; i have never been proud of my slightly above average dick like the way I am now. These women who blubber that they prefer anacondas compared to an average dick dont they know that once they get used to it that will be the end of their sex lives? As in lets say wamum amezoea kukamuliwa na a 12 inch dick, do you think she will ever settle for less? No she will never; incase her man leaves her which most men do juu ya kiu ya wanaume natural, she will never be content with an average dicked guy hence she will be hopping from one dude to another in search of the 12 inch or a larger one.
-Mimi nikikupata uko mtaro hapo i wont give a rats ass whether you are satisfied or not; bora nimwage nitoke; after all; no one owns it; its just my turn then you gonna give it to another negro.[ATTACH=full]1657[/ATTACH]

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old monk kwanza ushawai dinya ama you’re still a vajo?
go get your dick wet then cum we talk. ION; leo ni friday ka tafute hata nyap ya rwabe ama soo ama wan chwani then interact with the coomer donator then cum unishow how it went in regards to the topic at hand in this post.

cheki uyu! Kila mtu u-bai nyap in 1 way or the other depending on how u see it. For starters ile tym una winda any nyap inviting it out ununue drinks, kuku mara presents hata kredo buda iyo unalipia. Kwa wee old monk sicheki ukiweza hiyo budget yote ya dem… Hahaha, enda 2 usake punany ya rwabe na uende straight 2 da point roho clean buda.

HEHEH sijawai skia @ol monk akibonga riba za madame/dame

Old monkey go empty your balls ama zitalipuka



well put ol monk…it takes courage and self discipline to hit on a decent woman…malaya achia losers

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Ah we @ol monk. who told you magonjwa ziko kwa mapoko? Magonjwa zinakujanga ma madame/wives who you trust. Trust me bro. Try out both sides na utajua. A am always confortable and feeling safe when I was raruaring mapoko with protection and would regularly get myself checked without braking a sweat. If I must confess ndio nisave your soul. Since nianze kuweka tumsichana na ku-DF nimeshindwa kwenda VCT. unaongea juu ya kitu hujafanya.

Utanunua buda. Kwanza your type ni vile tu uko delusional. Hao madame unafikiria ni wapoa the day utawazoea ndio utaanza kuona the gap between them and regular hookers ikiclose. Ata utaanza kupenda sincerity ya mapoko one you realise people who are fucking your beloved quail. kama hujaanza hii exploration, you time is still there. hiyo stage ya revelation and learning is there. Sex is basic need especially for a physically normal man and its not our fault its just nature doing its thing.

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Wait. Mapoko ni wa sincere?

crosses arms and legs and leans on a wall


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Sindio. Anakwambia thats what she does na anakulipisha?

Hehehehe thats funny.
Nyinyi wanaume nawahurumia sana. Before Klist got lost someone had a listing about soul ties - Sexual Soul ties. Keep on running after ikus as you call it na hiyo ni shimo haina mwisho. The deeper you go the harder it will be kutoka. Take it from a woman.

Tunajua we cant help it. Its already naturally imprinted into our psychology. The only limitation is the availability of ikus. Fuck sexual soul ties.

You sound Soo naive bro. Hao mapoko are cleaner than the average office lady you work with.

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I can read but I can’t believe what I am reading.

I saw that feature on TV. Mapoko wanapora mabudaa ma wallet in the guise ya ku wazungushia nyap…or is it kiuno?

I guess they were being sincere right there, eh?

Now unless;

a) you are a Woman, you once “sampled” a large or larger than life dick and you subsequently have had to contend with being penetrated by small ones;or
b) your contention is based on scientific research and proper collection of data; or
c) you can meet the k-talk credibility threshold by attaching a picture of at least one Woman amezoea kukamuliwa na a 12 inch d*ck, and who is now unable to settle for less;

Your claims are nothing but an elegant example of speculation, conjecture and blithering bull-chieth.

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Berra believe it, ni kuchimba kisima bila ngazi.

Haiya-ye, are you saying that you have dug yourself inside pussy once?

Ikifika hapo wewe uko hulu kuerewa vire unataka :expressionless:

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