To Ladies who like big dicks...poleni sana

Depends on where and how you select your stuff. Kama ni kwa dark alleys kwa street, there is no limit, you can even be killed. Kama ni kwa rooms designated za hiyo stuff, you still can have you stuff stolen and if you try to claim it back you are beaten thoroughly by her male jambazi collaborators na hakuna mahali utaenda(the whole biz is illegal). But if you are in control of your situation nothin bad will happen.

regrettably, mapoko are much better than your regular girl who has twenty men lined up her behind. when u go to a polo, u are aware of the perils and as such take precautions. no after drama and upkeep. ur average estate ikus holder will look innocent right up to the vct where, mouth agape, u validate ur stamped ticket to woe.

Dont drae frae before a HIV test ama utaingia jeshi.