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siku hizi media huwa yakosa something to say. let me say they are always inspired by @Ka-Buda stories. like this one:
A woman who has allegedly been cheating on her pilot husband with a driving instructor, has gone to the police after her husband posted pictures of her love life online. Jacklyn Bonareri reported her hubby of one year at the Bamburi Police Station on July 6, accusing him of spoiling her name on social media.

Eric Omune, 29, a pilot based in Saudi Arabia, posted pictures of his wife and her alleged lover on Facebook, igniting much talk on social media. “I have a stupid wife. While I am away working hard in Saudi Arabia, she brings men to my house, into our matrimonial bed and sleeps with them. I send her money and she keeps saying she wants more. I give her money, which she gives to her married lover, so her lover is also supporting his wife and kids with my money.

The man she is supporting is older than me and quit his job because my wife could support him with my money,” complained Captain Omune on his Facebook page. Jacklyn denied allegations that she was cheating since “the man in question is just a friend. In fact, there was a day I was so sick and he helped me,” she told The Nairobian. “My husband is so insecure and this is not the first time he is accusing me of cheating,” added Jacklyn. “He probably thinks he is inadequate and I might go to someone else, but that is not the truth.

Anyway, if I make a mistake, will posting it on social media rectify anything?” she posed, adding that she’s done with the marriage. “When he resorts to childish things like posting such allegations on Facebook and even calling my father without even telling me, I don’t see this relationship heading anywhere. Even if he comes and apologises, I am not having him back,” stated Jacklyn. Jacklyn’s hubby claims he learnt of his wife’s alleged affair after returning home two weeks ago. “I even gave her a nice new phone. Those are the things you do when you love someone. You give them the best. So I started using her phone, which she had surprisingly formatted.” After returning to Saudi Arabia, Omune reportedly used a software to recover items his wife had allegedly deleted from the phone. That’s when he allegedly stumbled on barrage of romantic text messages and pictures of his wife and the man.
“I looked closely, only to notice that the man was actually lying in my bed, on my duvet. I could tell this was my bedroom. In another picture, the man has his feet on my table, in my sitting room, watching my television,” Omune claims.(MII HAPA NAUA MTU) Annoyed, he sent a message to his wife before calling her asking if she had been cheating on him, which she vehemently denied. “She denied everything. I thought I was experiencing a bad dream and that the pictures and text messages were but an illusion. I hang up the phone and went through the process again, just in case I was accusing her unfairly. I soon released that I was dealing with a liar,” said Omune. Omune added that, “She used to go to work in matatus, so I decided to buy her a car. I asked her to choose a model and I paid for it. I took her to a driving school and she soon started sleeping with the instructor.

I bought her the car in April last year, that means she has been cheating on me for an entire year.” The heartbroken pilot has since allegedly undergone medical tests. “We have been trying to get a baby and it seems another man has also been competing with me. Had I not stumbled on the incriminating pictures and texts, I would have continued funding another man’s lifestyle and probably raising his baby as he sleeps with my wife,” says Omune who claims he changed his wife’s lifestyle. “She used to live in Bamburi, but I moved her to a house in Nyali.

We got married officially last year in December after my parents came all the way from Western Kenya to see her parents. We met in 2011 when I was working with Qatar Airways in Doha. We met through a mutual friend and it was as they say, love at first sight, even though she was four years older than me. Now I hate marriage and women with passion,” said the distraught pilot. He says he has now asked his wife to vacate the house and go back to her parents place. “I spoke to my in-laws who were very shocked. They gave me the go-ahead to terminate the relationship because such betrayal is unforgivable. I am done with women. I just want to focus on my career as well as my car import business,” he added.

enyewe huyu jamaa siezi msaidia.

I wonder why this phrase is never taken too kindly when it comes from a man to his girl in reference to some other chic

mwambie apeane no ya x bibi team mafisi wa feast

You can never really understand what women want. But I guess all she was missing was some nice dicking and the man was always away . And this is the tragedy with the modern woman, if you provide her with everything, akule ashibe, nyege tu ndiyo zinamsumbua.

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Thats a manipulative bitch…and very experienced at that.

sasa hio ndio makosa yake…angepita nayeye usiku moja and move on

when i was doing driving …nilifanya Royal driving…kulikuwa mwalimu fulani wa theory na jua alikuwa ana dry fry some chic in our class. the chic ni wale walitoka ocha juzi prolly picked from ocha by her rich hubby na akampeleka Driving school. This theory teaher alikuwa anabaki class na huyu dame after classes zikiisha.

@byro hio title haina mbele wala nyuma. About the cuckold pilot, as one mhenga @Ka-Buda says alikua ametobwa akili. If teh guy had a ruse to get her formated phone and recover the files, it was the final whistle.

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I do not believe in a long-distance marriage, tag your wife along both for your sake and for your kids.

With that said, Malaya Ni Malaya tu, some people are just like that.


Who has a siz who is very faithfully…tusaidie huyu failot


i was i tired getting this hekaya, so no time for title

[ATTACH=full]9077[/ATTACH] mbisha yao ndo hii. am sure mwenye alikula hii kifaa ni watchie around. otherwise how can one team fisi even notice her.?
story onhttp://www.sde.co.ke/thenairobian/article/2000168623/it-s-over-says-pilot-s-wife-naswad-on-facebook?pageNo=2

You’re right!! The house/money won’t turn into some TLC!! Can you blame her?

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Wacha.mchezo that guy is my friend called eric wtf hahahaha

Amebeat! not team mafisi material…siwezi itikia kuongeleshwa hivo na mtu kama huyo

so know, you want her to accompany the man, hide somewhere in cockpit and get drilled when autopilot is on, pass near mombasa airspace and parachute back home happy with red, fish smelling pussy. :cool::cool::cool::cool:

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advice your friend better, otherwise you don’t deserve being his friend and brag about it when media comes running

Wht happened to forgiveness mmmmmmmmm :D:D…we always forgive

He needs a lot of counselling and probably some sabbatical…we dont want to hear a situation where he flies a plane into Mt. Kenya due to stress.

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That “woman” bana