title ni wewe

Ati forgiveness when he has been liberated?? You don’t look back at your mistake when it drop the shackles, you thank your gods and switch on “Fisi mode”.


That dude must be gay, the ‘woman’ looks like a man in a dress hehe


There are things money can buy. Mwanamke ata umnunulie dunia yote, na wewe ni wuss wa bedminton hio relationship ni bure kabisaaa.


Been thinking the same hehe

Huyo dame amebeat kaa vita bana. Eish! He must have had his pilot sunglasses on when he marked on that one. Hakuona vizuri


MGANI,pilot ama dfrier

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Huyo dame ni kiatu sana

inanikumbusha story moja ya tukiwa campo, jamaa akanunulia kamshi kake phone na pesa ya helb ati ili wakuwe waki communicate when he is in Nairobi studying. Kumbe ndio alikuwa amefungulia mafisi mlango, b4 the phone they couldn’t call her mum and ask for her, sasa jamaa aliwapatia direct access. Sema kurudi home after the semester na kupata maajabu

si mwanamke pekee, anybody akikula ashibe asikuwe na any stress, nyege pekee ndio itakuwa kwa kichwa, make them busy with a serious business or watoto


its a myth


FP,wacha mchezo sasa.

Good women are out there trust me.
My advice to fellow men if you work away from your wife never make her 100% comfortable because we all know what happens to empty heads.
My reasoning keep her fully occupied hizo nyege will subside eventually juu she is alway thingking about this and that.Keep them on toes.

Again, Lies you tell!! Am always thinking about this and that…my libido skyhigh, can’t keep calm!!!


Unless you aint busy as such.do you ussually go home so tired like others Hata unaweza fikiria story ya nginyo that evening?
Sex is mind related.

Horny women like FP are the reason our grandfathers used to circumcise their women.


Buda not all cheat as per say,desist from puting all in one basket.:slight_smile:

Am so tired already! But I can still ride you good!!

:):):slight_smile: Really?:eek::eek:

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Sadly, wimps like you can’t keep up! As for your grandfathers it goes without saying they were damn intimidated…never got to enjoy the real thing!!

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Ha ha …FP ureda kungenia on a Friday:D:D