Tips and tricks to sell my land faster?

I need to sell my land, but so far, no serious buyers. Tried the broker route, nothing coming. Any online platforms you think would help? What steps would you take if you wanted to sell your land?

Land is not a liquid asset so if you take a shortcut to sell very fast, most likely there will be a tradeoff like selling at a low price.

I have been trying to sell it for a year and a half now. No serious buyers. Figured I might be doing something wrong.

Iko wapi na unauza mangapi na inatoshana aje…kuna pesa zinawasha mtu mahali:cool:


it also depends with the location, shamba iko wapi?

Usually its the price. For the right price even land sells fast. Shida najua you have a figure in mind na umeamua huuzi chini ya hapo. So the market is telling you to get f*cked or play ball. The market doesn’t care about what you think your land is worth.

The only way to sell your land fast is to lower your price gradually until you meet demand. Alternatively, maintain the price but accept that it will take a few years for anyone to get interested.

Can you try taking a bank loan against this land and then let them repossess it?

Ni kujikaza tu kuadvertise. Sooner or later itaenda.

One acre, Kitale.

Never thought about this. Interesting.

Lecture ilikua ni lazima

One acre, Kitale town

kitale wapi?, juu getting land there imeanza kua ngumu

Stop parading your stupidity you fool, let me lecture you on loans using land as collateral. No bank will give you more than 80% of the mortgage/forced sale value of that land. Factor in valuation fees, land charge fees and bank charges for processing the loan all borne by the borrower. So for a land worth 1M market value, the maximum you can take home is around 600k, then default and let the bank sell the land? Is there any brain cell inside your cranium Elder?

Kata kata ikue 50*100
Alafu tafuta wakisii, they buy land like crazy na wanaitania

@Nico Bellic is this the way you are selling the land with half ass info… how much is the acre

Weka poa kubwa zile za KURA nearby useme proposed expansion of Xx road blah blah… easy to make one yenye inakaa legit na uweke nearby. Then sell the land ukisema kuna road inaexpandiwa.

sio lazima matusi

Thats the same as reducing the price by 40% since the bank will only give kitu 60% of the lands value. While there may be chances of getting a buyer by reducing the price by 15 - 20% .

Not a good idea