This is just sad...

I know this could be old news but still my heart goes out to the KIDNAPPED and later RAPED young girls/ young women whose life’s and future dreams have been shattered… All this from the “RELIGION OF PEACE”

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Around 214 girls rescued by the Nigerian army from terror group Boko Haram (now Iswap) were “visibly pregnant”, spreading fears they had been raped by the militants.

The news came after reports emerged that women and girls kidnapped by the insurgents were routinely raped and forced to marry their abductors. As a result of the sexual violence, some of them were pregnant.

The pregnant females – estimated by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) to be 214 – were part of 234 women and children rescued in the Sambisa forest following an offensive by Nigerian soldiers aided by troops from neighbouring countries. A similar operation resulted in the rescue of some 300 people a few days earlier.

They were kidnapped to be “Comfort Women” for the fighters, meaning the fighters go to them after a hard day “fighting for their Religion or God (LOL)” to release their frustrations. Still sad

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The unborn children are already stigmatized before they’re even born…very sad indeed


So Islam impregnated them?? Modern day miracle.

Why are you so defensive every time …boko haram fights in the name of Islam, you should condemn that and where there is wrong
stand up and say so



@mayekeke The same energy you use to defend Islam, use it to condemn Boko Haram. Dont lean on one side only.


Watched this yesterday night, the part where they ran to the mosque for protection and the Imam told them they will be asked questions and if the questions proved they were not Muslim then they will hand them back to the killers really pissed me off

And moderators should not Malaysian mh370 my YouTube video above… Google have allowed it in their site… Thus its okey…


and Ugus

If someone kidnaps a young girl,rapes and impregnates her there would be outrage and that guy would be deemed a paedophile,scum of the earth…multiply the victims by 234 add some religion and suddenly the topic becomes murky and defensive positions are taken.Right is right and wrong is just wrong


He can never do that. Someone said that most muslims do not have guts to behead people and stone innocent women, but they are definitely closet supporters and fans. I am supporting that the rest of the christian, buddhist, and atheist world stand them down officially so that we can see who will back up. Fence sitting is the problem. they are getting bolder.

Sad. How did the other 30 survive un-impregnated? Wako tasa ama?

Am of the opinion that the girls should abort. Why keep a child who reminds you of the worst humiliation you underwear? And since they say mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka, the unborn kids are, by default, boko haram.

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Even though the babies are from the boko haram men, they are born innocent n pure and are part of these girls too…
they should be given the decision to make… I advocate for Pro life

You will notice that even @mayekeke does not talk much or promote his ‘peaceful’ religion like he used to in klost. He has also come to question why if the religion was so good n right why is it that most muslim jurisdictions are under islam inspired ‘holy’ wars. 99% of people crossing the meditteranian sea to seek refuge in europe are coming from majority muslim countries which have become trouble spots all over the world

Nope. God has already condemned them for the sins of their fathers. And I doubt they would realize that they have been aborted. Forget those videos catholic nuns used to show us in school- they were exaggerated. Dr @Luther12 can tell us if the foetuses complain.

A foetus is essentially a parasite, just like a worm. Should we raise up worms and love them just because they come from inside us?

I have not defended Boko Haram… I’m defensive when loons like BH use the religion of Islam to perpetrate atrocities.

You couldn’t be more wrong…I have never seen those videos btw just pictures , the girls look well over 4 months pregnant so the
babies have fully formed, still Prolife

A majority have become trouble hotspots because of the meddling of western nations… Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan etc