This is just sad...

I have said it many times and I’ll say it again here, if the likes of AS,BH and IS we’re true Muslims and sincere in their quest for Jihad why dont they go fight for the Muslims in Myanmar,Palestine or in CAR??? These gangs are just but Khawaarij or Kharijites (Google that) Their actions have been denounced by all top Muslim clerics and Muslims all over the world.

I’ll give out two hadiths by Prophet Muhammad(SAW) when he spoke of the Khawaarij

[SIZE=4]“Did you hear the Prophet (SAW) say anything about the Khawaarij? He said: I heard him say – and he gestured with his hand towards Iraq –: “From there will emerge people who recite the Qur’an, but it will not go past their collarbones. They will pass out of Islam as an arrow passes out of the prey.”

Ibn Abi Awfa said: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “The Khawaarij are the dogs of Hell.”[/SIZE]

Even among you there is visceral hatred for each other. I can read it from your words or whatever passages you chose to quote.

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Yes,because they deviate from the true path of Islam… Why shouldn’t I hate them???

There are no other people I find more repugnant than black people who gang up with arabs and their religions after all that the arab has done to the african people.

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Kenya should be scared of Ugus. With the fallout in Yemen, we should expect more terrorists crossing into Somalia and Djibouti.

Like I said, this is simply a closet supporter of extremism. So now you are into shia, sunni, and whatever other sect wars.

How can I be a supporter of extremism just because I hate the actions of extremists? Does that even make sense? No I’m not Sunni neither am I Shia I’m Ahlul Sunna Wal Jamaa,I follow the Islam that our prophet recieved.

Thats sunni blind follower…:D:D

Yes,blind,damn and brainless

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@mayekeke the above guys are envious of your faith. When Bush and the West told the world that they are in the East to rebarate them and bring democracy did anyone of them blink? Violence has never been a solution? When you wrong a pple or nation dnt expect revenge will be a solution.

This generalization that Islam is an extremist religion is for ignorant pple thought some pple hia have rebarated mind… I am saddened.

Religion is the true evil that includes Christianity, all forms are ment to enslave you in their dogmas.

Two wrongs don’t make a right


Kwani how gullible are they that they cant think for themselves and they always resort to victimising their own. Have they no brains. There is a problem with arabs and their religion which you chose to blindly follow

You must be a greenhorn when it comes to global politics and events… The West are experts in destabilizing regions indirectly… Why you ask? Natural resources. They do whatever it takes to achieve their ultimate goal even if it means inciting one side against the other… I’ll give you an example,it’s an open secret that the ISIL was formed and funded by the US and Israel,the monster they created has now gone out of hand.

Are u sure we are envious? We find the religion adherents full of hypocricy. They kbow no limit to idiocy. They hide the bad among them then blame the west. They oppress their women in the name of a silly book. They destroy their countries and castigate the west while their women and children are dying in their thousands trying to seek refuge in the same west. What are these animals whose god knows no peace. Then you find a learned afircan like @mayekeke being indoctrinated into their ways and wearing a kanzu and praying in arabic to be like them and even sympathising with them to a point of making excuses for them. Is that not the highest slavery of the mind

So what are you arguing for?

Its true ISIS is a US government creation, but where do journalists, ethiopian christians, aid workers, students at garrissa university, quarry miners who do not even know on what continent they are on etc come in???

Go ask Al Shabaab and IS why.

Unless you dress in animal skin, speak only your mother tongue and have a pure African name on your birth certificate,you would be right to say but you speak and write in the white mans language,adopt his mannerisms,wear clothes designs inspired by the white man,I can bet your first name is a white man’s too… Hypocrisy much?

I thought you knew why they are behaving as such since you have momentarily stood up for them.

The moment muslims like you will come to accept there is a problem and indeed a weakness in islamic teachings is the moment muslims and especially the arab will find peace. I wear cloths and write english because they are convenient not because of religion. You wear kanzu not because its convenient but because of religious indoctrination. Same as to why you speak arabic. Same as to why u sympathise with criminal but ‘religious’ groups. See the difference between us