This is Guka - Pia Nyinyi Basement IQ Negroes Wacheni Ujinga. Brare %$#@!*&^%$$!!! Nyinyi!

OK, Ok, nimekunywa White Kap which explains the bad rangueiji. Poleni sana.

Any way what I wanted to say is that this refrain about corruption in 254 is starting to kind of irritate me. Just look at the Sonko Pumwani saga - you niggas were just too ready to jump at the corruption excuse to do any critical thinking. Like the unthinking bonobos you are, you simply jumped at the conspiracy theories and said, aaaaaaaaah, the management of Pumwani is corrupt. One bright spark here even asked me why that management had not put up a morgue. That’s how brilliant some of us are, degrees and all.

Well, well, well, the same gavana who fed you this stupidity was there today delivering soda coolers to be used as cold boxes for dead neonates. Why had he not at the very least taken the first steps since he was elected to build a normal morgue? Why had his gavament not issued body bags and body transfer trolleys?

Do you guys remember the Moi Gals and KNH caesarean mathas rape sagas? You are taken for fools everyday because people like Alai, who are paid extortinists, know you can’t think to save your lives. You just like a juicy story that screams corruption and ineptitude so you can demand for somebody’s head. And in the process the lives of some very dedicated Kenyans are ruined (the Moi Gals head had to resign in disgrace, despite no rape having taken place).

Mnafaidika nini? Sasa vile madaktari wa Pumwani wamekuwa interdicted, ama vile hiyo stori ya Moi Gals ilipeleka huyo massa nyumbani, has it added a single sufuria of ugali to your table? Has your miserable Kayole life changed?

Any way, let me go to what drove me to put up this post even when drunk; the corruption hullabaloo.

It has become the big scapegoat for the unwashed masses. Why are you poor, Mr Wafula? Corruption tatii. Why are you drinking kumi kumi Njoroge? Hii korapshion ya Uhuru itatumarisa guka? Mweni, kwani kazi ni kuuza tu kuma Mlolongo? Aiii we mboss, kii kitimba ni chakwa na koraption ya Uhuru.

Niggas please. We have a problem with corruption, yes. Nobody in his right mind can dispute that.

But there is also a lot more at play. And a lot of it has to do with you. And me, sometimes. To try and say - like many of you are doing here day in day out - that all your problems are due to Uhuru is downright stupid and imbecilic.

When you were voting for a stupid constitution and we in the ‘No’ campaign told you that it was a silly document (how I wish my comments in Klost could be retrieved!) what did you say? That democarcy is expensive and Kenya was rich enough. Now, in an economy about 15% that of Texas you have 100 times the number of representatives. Niggas, you brought this shit on yourselves because you can’t do what is called strategic thinking - and imagine eti that the katiba was written by ‘experts’ with PHDs. Pthuuuuu!

Again, only about 3 million of you - from a population of 50 million - pay direct taxes! The others don’t pay nadda because basic goods like milk and flour are exempt. BUT THEY ALL WANT FREE HEATHCARE, EDUCATION, SANITARY TOWELS FOR THEIR 19 GIRLS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL etc etc etc. And you know what? Because most of you breed like some rats, 25 million of Kenyans are in school! Wrap that around your head - 25 of the 50 million don’t produce anything but eat and shit - and expect free education, healthcare, roads, security, whatever paid by who? The 3 million who pay taxes!

Look, somebody said that there is no free lunch anywhere in the world. If you eat for free, somebody is paying. In a country with such an inverted population pyramid such as Kenya, you can’t have freebies like in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Oh and by the way, the population of all these four Nordic countries is 26 million but their economies are like 50 times that of Kenya. Their population pyramid is such that 75 per cent of their people are economically productive. Lakini you mankies want to say you can copy their socio-welfare models and give freebies left right and center? How silly can you be? Even in the US people have to pay for their education and healthcare! China had to freeze its population to develop, but here we want to give out free sanitary powels even before we distribute contraceptives.

Corruption is a problem in Kenya, yes, but the problem is way, way bigger than that. In my mind the biggest problem is the national outlook. People here don’t want to pay taxes but want free things. The little taxes that are paid are used - thanks to the stupid constitution that I opposed - to remunerate a few fat cats at the top of the bureuacracy. The general population breeds like rats and expects free things from I don’t know who.

Uhuru is incompetent and inept, agreed, but that is only 10 per cent of the problem.

Now rush into your bathroom and look in the mirror. You’ll see the other 90%. You voted for a stupid constitution. You want free things and yet pay no taxes. You breed like rats. You whine and take no action.

You are just a negro like all the negroes that there ever have been.




Hii insha yote???

Tutasoma on a slow Monday.

The manifestation of what we are is really the so called constitution. Copy pasted paragraphs from I don’t where. Just a plagiarised document from the very first word: WE. Did we need senate, did we need counties, did we need supreme court, did we need 9 permanent and useless commissions? Could devolution of resources not be done through county councils?

It is only in Kenya that a constitution was written within months, that tells you it was never tailored to the needs and culture of this country. It was written like a school term paper for marking. Sorry to say it was written, the damn thing was lifted from other countries. That civil society beggars were given prominent role in this exercise is the reason we are in this mess.

Some tribal journalists in the media were eager to label their tribal gods heroes of the new constitution while calling their opposers watermelons.

How some people think that Kenya is important in the world baffles me. So they use phrases like: ‘‘our constitution has BEEN hailed throughout the world’’. By WHO??

Sasa Jaruo? Tulinunua yule jamaa wako wa Kanan vile tunanunuanga kuro pale SJ. Hata tukimwambia achore saba anachora fasta fasta na anajipaka arimis…kazi yetu tu ni kuteleza ndani nyweeeeeeeeee na kumwaga shwaaaaaaaaaaaa…

fogotha brother, fogotha !!


PMH is fwakin sheet hole run by ferkin deeks of doctors.i know this from my past neighbour who is a midwife there.things he says will make you shudder

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D ghai fafa!!! ata sitauliza nani unaambia hivyo.

Fuck, how come you are not dead yet? What the hell are you still waiting for?

As a country, joke is on us. The way our society is carrying on is like an invitation to scum out there to do as they please. “Ujanja”, “kujipanga”, and the many one-liners used to try and sanitize crime and poor behaviour take us nowhere. The guys we lament about were treated like heros just the other day. “Watajua wajanja ni nani” is probably how others greet each other.

The problem is not the constitution. It is functioning institutions.
The constitution does have problems. They tried to put a new one before 2007 but failed. Had that have happened, we would have had a totally different constitution. This constitution even refers to the PM ( a non existent position) in some sections. You can see how much 2007 dictated it’s contents.

Institutions are in the very best position to make changes in this country. They collect data every day. They are on the ground. Instead they have employees and heads whose very job is to make a living out of them.
KFS, KRA, Courts, NEMA, KPA, and now the counties , etc. Totally unacceptable.

If you leave any institution anywhere in the world to be answerable to no one, the result will be just that. No benefit to anyone.

One man can’t completely turn around this country. In fact a thousand men can’t. But a group of specialized institutions can.

:D:D:D:D:D:D Ole Kaparo akuje aone hii, this is hate speech.

I remember very well you were opposed to this katiba back then. I was with Ruto when he opposed this katiba, lakini wajinga walisema “Kama baba nasoma na aseme iko sawa tunapitisha.”


Na si kuna budget wanapewa huko pumwani na wanakula tu. Ni nani hapewi pesa akiitisha? That director alikuwa ametoa pesa za kuenda international forum wapi juu hakuwa job Sonko akitembea huko?

Wait so you want to smart an longvrant by complaining that he din start giving the ‘cooler boxes’ first…is the that footing your starting with…God you are actually stupid…at least started with a lie of he has been delaying them shits and setup this shut as PR but him to bust them and then offer a temp solution…and you say he should have started with that…did he even know how bad the situation till he got their or he was to do the Kenya way of calling the office and asking what they need…if you said yes my god…this is why you blog failed …
No gifs/no meme
Its sad seeing you this exposed and frail…

So. let’s just excuse the incompetence and lack of empathy by the hospital staff towards patients.

Jadiep, aknyal somo


nimetafta summary sijaona…