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Look at these simple facts and then realize that we Kenyans totally got our priorities lopsided. India has an area of 3.28 million square kilometers while Kenya is only 0.584 million square kilometers. India has a population of 1.24 billion whereas Kenya is a dwarf demographically with a mere 42 million. The eligible voters in India are a massive 812 million compared to Kenya’s 14 million. India’s land mass is 6 times bigger than Kenya’s. India’s population is almost 30 times more than the Kenyan population. The voters in India can vote in Kenya’s general elections 58 times without anyone voting twice. Now here comes the shocker. India has only 790 members in its national assembly while Kenya has 416.

Your theory is naive, it’s like huishi Kenya. There are no independent institutions without the support of the President. You underestimate the power he has.

For all your name calling and holier than thou attitude you forget one thing; you can’t change the world until you have power. I know of three types. Number one, a revolution which is people power. For this to be of interest it needs to be bloody and unforgettable as the French Revolution. Number two is money, where an insanely wealthy person decides to benefit the people by using money for innovative problem-solving. Number three is true knowledge(not those dumb-ass degrees making you loathe people from Kayole). Such knowledge that can create wealth or a revolution.

A new constitution being implemented by a majority of politicians who opposed it…disaster!

That said,kenya has a lot of problems some are even unsolvable.digehota

Cross the border to TZ. See example of one man trying to fix everything. Now look at his achievements so far. But Fine. Keep waiting for one man to fix everything. You might be in it for a long haul. You grossly underestimate the amount of work it takes to fix even one sector. Let alone, hundreds.

I don’t support the system, I’m just pointing out the error in your reasoning. Specifically the argument you made in another thread about elections not solving Kenyan problems. In a country like Kenya, we need strong leaders who will in turn strengthen our institutions.

Lawd! unasema nini?? :D:D:D

The rot in many of our institutions is pervasive and will take years to transform work cultures and practices. It’s not sexy work, there are no fancy plaques bearing names of wakubwa. The problem is that politicians want fame or a pat on the back before they can commit to doing a project. That’s why infrastructure is a big hit among them, the fancy artistic impressions and all, delude wananchi that the guy or gal they elected is working hard but that’s nothing. Developing a system, ensuring it runs efficiently is the most laborious work but since there are no cameras rolling, nobody cares about that. Bottom line is publicity, which translates into votes. It’s no wonder despite the multitude of projects we keep hearing about, very little has changed in the way of uplifting wanachi’s lives.

Damn was early and their typos but if you can’t comprehend shit …well you should change your reading posture…or

Something I really wonder is that why do we Africans hate ourselves so much? Someone called us monkeys and now its become our new nickname. Really now? No state has ever stand strong if people hate themselves for no constitution is perfect neither one that is perfectly imperfect cause nations are built by hardworking people with or without constitutions.

And if you are still unsure just look at the recent news (parliament) and see how much influence the president enjoys in parliament.

Virtual influence. Didn’t he give that same parliament a list of corrupt individuals to discipline. Did anything change. Any improvement since.

You don’t understand, I don’t support his actions. I understand the power his office holds and the ability of it to change narratives in Kenya. It’s just the way our culture is. It’s better to believe in that kind of power than to wish against our own way of life which is slow to change.

And yes things did change because he tried a different approach.