This is Guka - How Airtel Has Ripped Me Off. Do I Sue or What? What Does CAK Say About This?

Over the weekend, I loaded my Airtel line with credit worth Sh3,000. I was hoping that it would last me at least 2 weeks when used concurrently with my Safcom lines.

Using the credit, I then bought some data bundles worth Sh500 to use since I would be on the road away from home Internet. I had noticed that Airtel’s data is substantially cheaper that Safcon, so I thought this was smart. That was on Saturday morning.

Nikapiga maraundi zangu kama na-enjoy Airtel’s data services na the usual WhiteKAPS. No problem with connections or anything.

Jana jioni is when it hit me; kwani hizi bundles hasiiishi? I was in for a shock.


So my credit was down to just Sh267.00 by last evening!!!

What kind of ferked up outlandish thievery is this? Subscription to data should be just that; subscription. If I want to use data say worth Sh200, that should be it. Why should Airtel then migrate the data service to my voice credit WITHOUT WARNING? What then is the use of subscription, a ploy to steal?

With our hated Safcon, when the data package you have subscribed to ends, that’s it. They tell you your data bundles are finished and ask you to subscribe again; they don’t start automatically debiting your credit. IF AIRTEL THINK THIS IS SMART, THEN THEY ARE REAL STUPID. No wonder they have so few clients. Consumers are intelligent and few of us will stand this kind of BS. For now, I’ll stick with Telkom for all data, although I hear the two are merging. If the worst comes to the worst, then let me go back to Safcon; at least they are transparent thieves.

What does the CAK say about this obvious theft anybody?

Telkom’s great. You can’t even browse once your data depletes or lapses.

Get over it old man, $30 is no worth ranting, hoss

Which Airtel are you using?
My line notifies me when the data bundle is @50%, 75% and 95%.

You youngins make me laugh. You don’t even seak of your ‘wealth’ in shillings but in dollars but when I ask you to load me with a few WhiteKAPS mnaingia mitini…

Those are the tricks of these mobile companies. Hata JTL huwa ivo.

I have even talked to them and they admitted they do exactly as I have stated. Bitch on the other end said, “we will upgrade our systems soon…”

So you think my notifications come from a fake Airtel?

For your age, you are really daft. It has always been that way. Kwani you think that 500 can let you surf endlessly at the bar, watching worthless Youtube videos and reading Ktalk bullshit as you look for a hapless barmaid with dirty titties in a mitumba bra to come rest her unwashed feet in your filthy bed?

Turn off/restrict background data
[li]Open Settings and tap Data usage.[/li][li]Scroll down to view a list of your Android apps sorted by data usage (or tap Cellular Data usage to view them).[/li][li]Tap the app(s) you don’t want to connect to mobile data and select Restrictapp background data.[/li][/ol]

CAK will ask you whether you have a data plan, and that will be the end of your rant.

Now I understand why you are field Marshall

:D:D:D weeeeeeeeueeee

Pole Gathee, Airtel hawana data manager unlike Telkom and Safaricom.

OK, let’s hear from Airtel themselves.

True. I use Faiba for browsing but I make sure I do not have any credit left hanging.
They however warn me in advance…

lay off the whitekaps hoss, not good for your age

I don’t know why I have allowed myself to see ‘blocked’ content but this just goes to show I was right in blocking your congenital syphilitic shit. With Safcon you get what you have subscribed to, end of story. Even if you have 5K as credit they don’t migrate you data costs there.

Any way, I don’t even know why I am bothering…bye for the next two centuries

The one I hate ni ya expiry date, huwa hawakustui date ikifika, they just roll you over and start fucking your airtine


Tuma number inbox admin, niangalie balance :smiley:


I normally use their App.